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Well son #2 (age 7.5 but the size of a 5yo) has decided to give ballet a try. The "big guys" at dd's school have made quite an impression on him. He wants to learn so that he can "be more flexible and jump"


OK, so I've been trying to pick out what to dancewear to get for him. The school requirements are black tights, black shoes, and white shirt. I know for the little ones they are not as particular and bike shorts, leggings ect are ok. But I'd like him to be more like the "big guys" so that if he decides he wants to stick with this he won't have to overcome some tights fobia. I'd like your feedback on the items I think I'm going to get for him. I went to Wear Moi and they're too pricey for a very young begginner. (that would be like buying the french horne before the first lesson).


So, Bloch CL5402 Cotton spandex scoop neck leotard in white. I'm thinking I want the leo so that it will stay tucked in and will be form fitting so the instructor will have a good view. DD perfers the cotton spandex blend so I figure ds will too. DD syas the boy's white shirts get really sweaty and gross and end up yellow or grey. Is this just that they need oxyclean or to be replaced?


Next, Danskin 607 Nylon/lycra professional support tights. I figure these are probably less sheer than the others. No socks. The older boys wear footed tights. Why start habits that would just have to be changed.


It's interresting how these items are listed as children's dancewear but the catologs don't show any boys wearing them.


No dancebelt yet. Not necessary. Besides I don't think they come in a child's size 5.


Slippers are difficult. I know they perfer canvas but I can't find children's size in black. So we're going with leather until he's in Adult sizes.


I don't know how long he's going to be interested but he's got a lot of good attributes for ballet. He loves being on stage, has a very thin body, good feet, charm like crazy and every where he goes we hear "He's sooooo cuuuuuuute". He's still quite young and every day he wants to do and be something else so we'll see where this goes.

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Besides I don't think they come in a child's size 5.


They do come in a 5 from Baltogs, but they aren't really needed. But if you want one, they are available.


Capezio Romeo is a canvas shoe. I'm not sure if it comes in children's sizes or not but the Juliet (for girls which is the same model just on a girls last) just started in children's sizes this Winter so maybe the Romeo did also.


At the store where I work, we sell alot of BK Wear brand for boys and Baltogs shirts. Mostly the boys here wear the leggings with socks and then go to tights later.



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When my son was that age he wore a white (tank or short sleeved) leotard, black footless tights (or black leggings from the girl's department--way cheap) and full soled black leather shoes.


Now that he is older, he is able to wear the M. Stevens size small footed tights.


His current studio requires footless tights w/ white socks, so I was finally able to find a place that sells boys sized tights. Here is the website:


The Dance Shop Online Catalog

good luck! :blushing:

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:thumbsup: Hi vicarious - welcome to the Boys' Board - the more the merrier! When my DS was younger he just wore leggings with a white T-shirt, white socks, etc. He started wearing a dance belt at age 12 (that was a fun shopping adventure!). Now at 15 he wears footless tights (they need barefeet for modern class), a white leotard (thong), white socks and Sansha canvas shoes. He finds that all his white clothing will yellow over time including the leo, but more so now that he is older and sweats far more than when he was younger. He takes care of his own laundry and if he isn't smelling nice, the girls in partnering class will certainly let him know!!! :D Since he is somewhat of a clean freak that isn't a problem for him!


Good luck to your son - may he continue to dance!



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Welcome Vicarious! My son was 8 when he started. He wore regular underwear until he switched to a dancebelt. He had no problem adjusting to the full bottom dancebelt at age 10.

When we found out he should be wearing tights, we tried every kind of "girls" tights we could find that was sort of thick....they were all see through. By the time he wore 2 pair and then socks, he had 3 layers on his feet :P We found some leggings, which were actually skating leggings with stirrup feet. He liked this so he did not have to worry about show through as well as have his feet with one layer of sock. (those were Baltogs....in cotton). (we did not know about Ballet Talk to help us find what he needed, so we did the only thing we knew to do. Most dance shops are clueless when it comes to boys). He recently switched to mens tights. He LOVES the M.Stevens milliskin footless tights. They are very durable and NO show through :o Thanks to those who made the suggestion in the past! He also wears a ladies :devil: sock that I find at Target. Just like tight material....very durable. He likes them.


For shoes, I can't really remember the brand, but he eventually switched to Bloch. The reason ....under the foot inside the shoe, was the leather insert instead of that thin cloth. With the thin cloth, it eventually works its way down to the toe and then you are left with what is underneath. With leather, it never moved. He also wore leather upper and full soled until this year. he is 13. he made the move to Sansha canvas and split sole and loves them. he says it is like wearing a pair of worn in shoes. Of course, at a young age, you will want to stick with full soled.....at least that is what most suggest.


For shirt, he started out with just Hanes t-shirt. This year hubby found an interesting shirt made from that Wick material. My son really likes wearing these. Where we live, they only had Body Armour brand at $25 a pop. When we went back to the States in April, we found same material shirt made by I think Starter in Wal-Mart. They are tight fitting and my son says they are way cooler than a cotton t-shirt. Oh, and the Wal-Mart shirt was only $8.99. :D This month, they were marked down to $5. His studios were not climate controlled, so having these shirts come in short and long sleeve was helpful. He also liked them because they cut high under the arm to avoid having the shirt come untucked from the tights or pulling on his arms.


Don't forget the little elastic belt to fold the top of the tight waistband over so that it will help keep the tights up. I make my sons. I buy the elastic and small clasp at a craft store. Cheaper this way. Good idea to buy a few...they always get misplaced.


There is nothing worse than trying to find the right outfit for a boy in ballet. Oftentimes, your son is the only one taking ballet in the entire area, so the danceshop ladies have no clue as to what they wear. They don't understand that a boy does not want to wear something that is labeled "girl". Hope your son enjoys his classes.

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Gremlim - I know what you mean about dance clothing shops knowing very little about boys dance clothing or stocking just about nothing. Here in Ottawa, they don't carry shoes his size, nor belts, nor tights, socks, etc. At one store - the boys tights and dance belts are kept in a cardboard box which is shoved into a corner - how inviting! :D We drive 2 hours to Montreal to a great store called Rossetti's where they know him by name!, carry a full line of dancewear, warmups and shoes for boys and men. (They service the Cirque du Soleil dancers). We can also get clothing for him at "The Shoe Room" at NBS in Toronto.


Thanks for the tip about the Walmart shirt - hopefully I can get them in Canada. Great price and if they are cut high on the underarm that is even better. DS had all his clothes made to measure at last school, but once these leos are done, he may switch back to T-shirts.

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Dancemom, you are so lucky to find a good dance shop that not only carries mens clothing, but also calls your son by name. Right now, we depend on the internet.

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You were right and I was wrong. I should have waited and listened. What's the point in asking for advice if you don't listen to the answer? Live and learn. Well, I went ahead and ordered the items I listed at first. The shoes (too big) had pretty little flowers in them. The leo had a slight gather at the neck and a scoop back which looked terrible on him. And the tights were way sheer. I sent them right back today, the same day they came in. Then I called the dance shop two hours away. They said they carried things for boys and would send them out tonight if they had his size in stock. Ugh. This is like trying to find the right pointe shoes. This shop has consistantly come through for me after I've tried and failed with catalogs. Their sending a T-shirt, footless tights and smaller shoes.

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In a pinch, Wal-Mart and Target has been a lifesaver. Fruit of the loom t-shirts and cotton black leggings from the girls department will work fine. My son spent 2 years wearing girls leggings and no one knew the difference. Even payless shoes has black leather ballet shoes if you need some to tide you over until you can find some you like from the dance shop. :thumbsup:


Also, Mondor makes ice skating leggings in black that we used before I found the Bal-togs footless boys tights. They are thick cotton and tend not to be see through. It takes time and patience to find boys dancewear. It took me years to find what works. Hang in there! :D

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Guest PAmom

Momof3darlings, dancetaxi, Gremlin, & dancemomCA, you folks are the best! Pooling your information together makes that huge information gap for parents of boys in ballet all that much smaller. Thanks for sharing what you have learned thus smoothing the way for our newest dancing fellows! :party::thumbsup::P:thumbsup:

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PAmom: Back at 'ya :P You've shared a ton of helpful information as well! :thumbsup:


We have to unite since there are so few of us!! I'll tell ya, finding good dancewear has been a 6 year struggle. I'm glad I finally have it (sort-of) figured out! :party:

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I second that! This is the end of year 5 and we JUST found what my son likes in ballet wear. Maybe we need a ballet wear for boys STICKY POST, so this topic does not get lost for future parents in the same boat!

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Ds's dancewear arrived from the store. Everything fits and looks great. I was worried because he's so tiny. Here's what they sent.


T-shirt: Motionwear style 3146 color 505 (white)

Tights: Body Wrappers by Attitudes in Dressing, Inc. Style 0121 BLK Footless pant

Shoes: Bloc Dansoft S0205G Blk


Now the trick is getting him to change out of them so they don't get filthy between now and the day of class.

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