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Streches for splits...

Guest F0rgottenChild

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Hello ForgottenChild, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :blushing:


I moved your post to the Young Dancers' forum, as that is where questions of this kind are addressed.


I also removed your post on the Welcome forum, because it was only an email address, and we do not allow teens to post their email addresses on an open forum.


Ballet Talk is not a message board, nor a place for private conversations. It is a moderated discussion board. We have some rules and regulations here, and we are somewhat strict about some things. :thumbsup: This is in your best interest and for your safety, as well as for the opportunity for you to receive answers to questions from professionals, as opposed to answers from young students.


One of our rules is that we do not post in computereeze, teenspeak, abbreviations and acronyms, except for the few of those which are very well known and established world wide. (Things like 2 for "two" and ne for "any" are not acceptable.)


It would help if you would read the Sticky topics at the beginning of each forum, and also those in the How To Do Things forum. :wink:


Now, about your splits. Splits ARE a stretch. That is their purpose. Being able to do them is not important, it's getting the stretch that they provide, when you are well warmed up, of course, and then that will help you in your extensions. It's about working on them, not about being able to do them. They are not important in classical ballet, other than to immediately show someone your great flexibility. :huh:

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