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Guest gillian

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Guest gillian

Knock knock... I'm not a male student, but I'm trying to help a new (male) student find decent tights for class, and several guys have mentioned M Stevens tights. I looked for another thread about this, but couldn't find the answer to the questions I have, which are:

1. Are the M Stevens, unisex, footless and footed (MSM1098 and MSM1099, respectively) tights all there is in the "Milliskin" material? Surely unisex doesn't cut it - aren't there "mens only" tights by M Stevens?

2. Where do I find such a thing online, as the local dance store specializes in dancewear for the Dinkle crowd :blink:?

3. How much are they - that is, the M Stevens tights, not the gymnastic leo's :clapping: ?

Thank you!

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Knock Knock. Mom of male dancer. Hope it is ok to post this.


My son just started wearing M. Stevens tights. He absolutely loves them. They are extremely durable and there is no show through (which was his biggest fear). We get them from http://www.tutu.com/dwear_menstights.html


They are listed as unisex, but in the mens section of the site. We bought the milliskin FOOTLESS. I have had no problem with all my orders. Delivery arrived in exactly 7 days. (and that is not bad for here).

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And, Yes, men's unitards are indeed cut differently. They cover more of the back. The women's is cut lower, almost equal to the front.

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Reiterating what has already been said, I'm a young male dancer, and I love M stevens tights. In fact all the "cool" guys at my studio (read: the company guys) wear them exclusivly. Yeah, cut whole in the bottom of them for added versatility and speed of equipting (think socks). I get mine at www.discountdance.com and they alway arrive within 3-4 days, even with normal shipping. I've been very pleased!

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Guest gillian

Hi everyone - I'm sorry that it took so long to respond to this. Thanks for the information! He has finally found a few pairs of M Stevens and loves them. Thanks again.

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