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Has anyone who audtioned on 11/16/2013 received their audition result? My daughter auditioned on that date and she is a nervous wreck. I should note that not all of her application materials were in at the time time of the audition and she was not academically accepted until 12/4. I had read somewhere that they immediately send artistic denials out regardless of the academic acceptance. Does anyone know whether this is accurate? Or, do they send acceptances and denials after the academic decision is made. Point Park has managed to become my daughter's top choice after she spent a summer at Ailey and realized that she needed to have jazz in her life :)

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Update: My daughter received her artistic acceptance to Point Park! It looks like it was mailed on 12/12! Good Luck to everyone!

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Congratulations to your DD, dancemomdee! It's so wonderful when they get good news. All my best wishes to the DKs and dance parents going through the college audition process.

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Thanks so much! We are so relieved to be done with the audition process. My daughter completed 4 auditions and thus far, she has received acceptances to three. We are waiting to hear from UARTS, but at least we know she will be pursuing her dreams come Fall 2014. I can't stress enough how helpful the various blogs are, including Ballet Talk!

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Really? I just got completely turned off. Blog, Discussion Board? Who cares? Again, Good luck to those of you who have upcoming auditions. And thank you to @dancemaven for the thoughtful response, I feel so well informed now!

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Hi @dancemomdee,

What other boards and blogs have you been using for college dance info? Besides this one we have found good info on collegeconfidential but are searching for other sources too. Congrats to your daughter on her acceptances! Is PP the front runner? We know a male dancer who is a freshman there now, and a girl who started at PP but transferred elsewhere. We are nervously awaiting Jan and Feb auditions as well as academic decisions from 6 schools. Thanks!

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Thank you PMColorado! Honestly, between reading this board and CC, I found all of the information that I needed. At this time, PP is the front runner, but we are waiting for scholarship info from Shenandoah (as they don't send it with the acceptance letters) any longer. My daughter is also waiting to hear from UARTS. However, we are hoping to be able to swing the cost of attending Point Park, without her having to take out a significant amount of loans. Good luck to your daughter!

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DS auditioned in November. He was academically accepted but waitisted for dance. Last week we got a letter of acceptance with a good scholarship. We are waiting for a financial aid offer from UArts then make a decision. Its almost over, thank goodness!

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accepted with artistic scholarship. haven't made a decision yet.

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My daughter just received her acceptance to Point Park :clapping: and we are thrilled!! She loved the audition and loved Pittsburgh. I am gonna miss her though, it's a long drive.

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In and matriculated. So glad the process is over. Next?

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Congrats Therese! Do you mind my asking what part of the country you are from? We are from New England and are hoping to make some connections prior to the arrival!

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