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Thanks mainekelly. @ dancemomdee, we live right here in Pittsburgh. DS will be living on campus though. BTW, UArts was first choice but even with a good financial aid award, we just couldn't swing it. :nopity:

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I am wondering how incoming students can find each other before going to college? Also, does anyone know what the dance uniform is at Point Park and if pointe shoes have to be approved or can a student wear the pointe shoes they prefer? I would like to get the necessary dance supplies ahead of time and also, possibley use the credits I have at the local dance supply store. Thanks!

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These days, the way to find people with common interests is to search for an existing Facebook page, or to start one. A simple search turned up a group that was started by last year's freshman class and they just changed their name to Point Park University Dance: Sophomores.


Feel free to email the department to check about approved dancewear, but I've never heard of a college dance program that specified which pointe shoes they prefer. If one of your DD's teachers expresses a preference, then your DD could consider that brand for her following purchase.

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My DD just finished her freshman year at PPU. The dress code for ballet classes is black leotard/pink tights. Any color leotard for jazz & modern classes. You may wear any type of pointe shoes you wish.

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Thank you both so much for the information! I really appreciate as I will be able to help her assemble her packing list. She did find the FB page, thanks again!!!

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Hi Kathie,


I have been wondering the same thing! I would love to put my daughter in touch with yours, if possible!

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Hi Dancemomdee, my daughter did find students on a facebook page so far just a few, I hope they meet too. We will be there in a few weeks, hard to believe!!

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Hello! DD auditioned on Nov. 15 and just received a wait-list notification, she is hopeful for a spot in the Fall. Do any DD parents have any experience with the likely hood of a spot coming available? New to this process, thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi balletmom4mia, My D also auditioned on Dec 7th in Atlanta. No word yet. Yes the waiting is hard! Hope we hear soon.

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My DD didn't do the audition on December 7, but did an audition on November 15. She received an acceptance w/scholarship letter on December 27, which was exactly 6 weeks after the audition. Judging by that, you will probably hear by January 17. The letter recommends securing a spot by paying the tuition deposit by May 1, 2015.

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Grizabella, thank you for this information. Hopefully we will hear something this week.


What other schools is your child applying to?

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