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There's usually about 75 incoming freshmen dancers, mostly ballet & jazz majors with fewer modern majors. I don't know how many dancers are accepted and decide not to attend.

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My daughter is currently a second semester freshman. Her class (2018) had about 90+ dancers when they started. According to one of the staff members, they accept about 100, expecting only about 75 to accept. However, the program has become some popular that they ended up with a larger than expected class. My daughter had a few extremely talented friends audition recently who did not get in. I am not sure what they are looking for at this point.

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Did anyone get results from the Dec 7th Atlanta audition? Acceptances or rejections. Believe it or not, we are still waiting.

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I believe you should hear form them within 6 weeks of the audition.


Unfortunately, my D letter has been lost and PPU is going to resend it later this week.

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My daughter has been accepted for Fall 2015 as well as other college programs so now we are in the agonizing process of deciding the best fit :( I see a lot of posts recently regarding acceptances but anyone out there have something to add regarding students already attending? I have seen and heard so many mixed reviews. Also, anyone with a child attending that likes academics. Although my daughter likes the dance program it looks like academics are subpar. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Any new feedback on this program including answers to llc75's question above about academics?


What did your DD decide, llc75?



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Can anyone explain the difference between the BA Dance and the BFA Dance program? I have read all the descriptions on the website, but I am still unsure how it impacts the student as far as performance opportunities and access to technique classes - pointe, variations, pas, etc.

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It makes no difference as far as access to technique classes or performance opportunities - all dance majors are required to audition for every performance. The BA Dance requires fewer credits (120) as opposed to the BFA (130-135).


Have you looked at the class requirements for each program in a side-by-side comparison? The actual class list can be found here:



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Thanks! I've read all about the classes and I understand the difference in credits, but I'm not clear on why there are 2 tracks. Are BA majors not interested in a professional dance career? Is the bfa program more selective? Do they take class together? Most of the colleges DD has researched don't have 2 tracks like that.

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I'm not sure - that would be a good question for the dance dept. I just texted my DD who is a senior BFA. She said that the BFA has more required classes, is more selective and they do have separate dance classes from the BA track. The requirements changed completely this year for incoming freshmen & my DD is miffed that BFA freshmen are no longer required to take ballet technique at 8am, as has been required for ages. Everyone hates those 8am ballet classes! LOL

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As the school year winds down, I hope someone will share where the Grads or Early Leavers of Point Park Dance are going for the next phase of their lives.

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I do not have a dancer at Point Park, but did actually speak with the staff there regarding BA vs. BFA (and it was my understanding that where ever these are offered, it is the same). The person who I talked with was on a college panel along with several other reps from other colleges at our recent RDA festival, but his name escapes me at the moment. He told us the difference is that a BA has more academic classes required than a BFA. The concentration was said to be about 60% academics vs. 30% academics with a BFA if I am understanding that correctly. They gave us to understand there are not as many dance classes taken by BA students vs. BFA students. There was a representative from University of Alabama dance program there as well, and they only offer a BA in dance there, and they confirmed there program was about the same. The rep from Point Park also said if you went the BA track, to make sure if the student took any AP classes to send those results on as soon as possible so they could count them in credits and possibly skip some college attendance time. My DD is not going to do that, so I can't speak for those details, but I hope this helps a little.

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