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SewRibbons I apoligize as I am just seeing your question now. Not sure if it is of any help to you now but my DD chose to attend George Mason University!

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My DD is looking for a school with a very strong ballet program (not so much with the jazz and commercial dance aspects). With Peter Merz gone, has PP replaced him with another department head with a strong ballet background? Are recent grads getting work in ballet companies? Who comes to set pieces on the ballet dancers or give master classes?

Thanks so much for any info.

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When we visited my son felt like student life was very disconnected with the campus being spread around downtown and students living off campus. Can anyone speak to social life?

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Sorry, I haven't been following this forum much lately. Peter Merz has not been replaced so there is not much classical ballet performed in PPU productions anymore - mostly contemporary ballet. They do bring in choreographers to set pieces for performances but as I said, it is mostly contemporary ballet choreographers along with jazz & modern. If your DD is looking for a strong classical ballet program, another school might be a better fit. The PPU dance program is very good for all-around training and their classical ballet instructors are also excellent. It's just the performances that are trending towards less classical pieces. Yes, recent grads have gotten contract with ballet companies so it's not that the ballet training is suffering.

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Has anyone heard back from Point Park fall auditions? DD auditioned Nov. 6th, their website says you would hear by Jan for fall auditions, but she said at the audition itself they kept saying you would hear in December.

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DD auditioned on Dec 4th and still not heard. It says on the website all auditions before Dec 31 that have been academically admitted will receive their artistic admission decision and artistic award by Jan 17 2017. So I guess they are waiting till the last minute....

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Good news! We heard! :3dnod: DD was accepted into the dance BFA program! Now they only sent an email about it on the 17th (like the website said), but they gave no details. They said the particulars were coming by snail mail 'soon'. But excellent news for us!! She is going to college! Great pressure off her shoulders! We still have 6 more dance auditions to go.....

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My dd was accepted also. I emailed her admissions advisor and asked him if he had any idea when we will get financial/scholarship info. He told me sometime next week. He did tell me that dd got an artistic scholarship but details will be coming soon.

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Got the artistic award info in a packet today. Very happy with that! The academic award or financial aid info was not in this packet so I assume by your post laurel ballet that it comes under separate cover. I will check with PP when I get the chance. Congrats to all so Far! Our DDS may be fellow college attendees!

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There is no college signing thread - that I can locate - but I wanted to say that my DD has signed with Point Part as a BFA dance COPA student in the Fall! It was a very tough decision processfor her, but in the end she picked the more well rounded program which fits her better. I am so proud of her and very excited for her new adventure in the Fall! 

Anyone else going?

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