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Yes, thanks dancemaven! I saw it today when I signed on, then saw your reply! But I posted!   :D

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Just to update: went to the orientation before school started. I really really liked what the school had to say. Here are some things I learned about the school and the freshman class:

1. there are 88 dancers in this freshman class, so it is small! They are divided up among 3 concentrations: Ballet, modern, and jazz

2. there are 6 performances a year. NO DANCER is guaranteed to be in any given performance. You have to audition to be in a performance (except incoming freshman are not allowed in the first performance due to the close performance date to the start of the school year). According to my dancer, everyone gets to be in at least 1 thing, but that is definitely not what us parents were told in the meeting, so we shall see. Also, if you are on any dance scholarship you are required to audition for every performance.

3. You have the opportunity to also audition for any musical theater performances as long as it doesn't conflict with your other dance obligations. There are quite a lot of musical theater performances from what I understand, so it sounds like more opportunity.

4. they are a sanctuary campus. They respect all. Very diversified. I was so extremely happy to learn this! 

5. There is a brand new theater being built for performances that will open in Fall 2018. It's supposed to be state of the art and wonderful. I am thrilled to hear that since I did not know that at all before we got there. Apparently it's been in the works for a long time. 

6. There is a new Chair of the dance dept. this year. He has been at Point Park for a very long time but I forget how long. He is so great, down to earth, and approachable. I met with him personally because my daughter had some surgery and needed to ramp up her dancing as she was not back full yet. Just so caring and concerned. 

7. The bulk of the studios are in Lawrence Hall, which is actually where a lot of the freshman live, including my daughter. How convenient is that? Just get in an elevator to go to class!

8. Lawrence Hall lacks air conditioning, but the rooms have individual bathrooms. Believe me when I tell you these are very old dorm rooms. I would say they are somewhat older than expected. After 2 weeks there, my daughter is saying it's already cold, so they do not need air conditioning!! When we moved her in, it was ridiculously hot without it, but we bought table fans and that was enough. It does get cool quickly there in sept. so don't be too concerned. I would judge by whether or not your student thought it was a must to have their own bathroom.

9. The food is okay. There is a cafeteria, and though I am sure they try and serve great food, we all get it. My daughter says the food at The cafe there is what she prefers and though she can't eat all her meals there - because of the meal plan - she does as much as possible. There are also so many options around the city to eat, they really would not go without good food.

10. the rooms are small....you won't be able to have more than that tiny fridge in the room, unless you are a single. That's in lawrence hall. I have no idea about the other hall available for freshman.

11. there is a placement class the first or second day of classes. It is an all day affair mostly. They take ballet, jazz, modern and one other...can't remember which. They will be tired!!!!

12. the dancers have a meeting where they receive a big sister picked from the upperclassmen. They are considered their mentors. I thought this was great!

13. the musical accompaniment for all classes is live. Unless of course there is an orchestrated piece they are rehearsing.

Overall, so far it has been a positive experience for her. the classes are not big as I had feared, and that is good.

When I have more info about the upcoming winter show that my daughter is auditioning for, I will post about it.

Hope this helps anyone contemplating auditioning.

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lizzyhults1 - They don't pick their concentration until after the first or second year. And we were told that the school would put them into their concentration taking into account what they wanted it to be. I of course have yet to experience this, but I did get the impression this was a mutual decision based on the dancer's strengths. The first year you have to take all of the classes, no matter what. I think my DD takes ballet and modern and jazz every day. She also has improv and contemporary? once a week. It works out to 4 dance classes almost every day but one. I'm sorry I can't remember exactly what classes she has - I will have to ask her. :-)

julisha - good luck to your daughter! I hope she has a positive experience!!!


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Mobadt - Thank you for that information. Our DD is very ballet but she is also very contemporary/modern. She loves it all and would love a program that is strong in it all. She dances locally at 2 studios here so the thought of one place is a dream. We are starting the online application for Point park and you have to put right at the beginning, dance-ballet, dance-jazz, or dance-modern. We have no idea what to put.

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DD got an email from Point Park today indicating that since she auditioned at the DTCB conference, she did not need to attend the November campus auditions and they cancelled her reservation for November 18th. She was told that she would have results by mid-January. 

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julisha, did you know that was a possibility? What if someone had purchased plane tickets, etc. and then had the school cancel your audition date?

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Dancingjet, I had no idea and I was glad that I hadn’t purchased my plane tickets (which I had planned to do later today)😳😳

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Wow Juliana. Glad you didn'the get caught! 

Sorry to be so late with an answer lizzy. I would just pick one. Whichever she favors. Or perhaps you should email the school and ask. Is there a place to put undecided? I can'tell remember.

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Help! College audition today scheduled for 3:30 pm in Brooklyn, and now MAJOR storm coming with up to 2 feet from Albany area to our home in CNY. 4.5 hour drive, planned to drive back afterwards. Don’t want to stay overnight because likely snowed in until Monday if we do. Other audition slots filled. Suggestions? Anyone know if they make exceptions for weather issues?

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I called Friday with the same concern, and the person on the phone told me they will have a contingency plan for people that cannot travel because of the weather. She wasn't sure what that plan would be, perhaps video audition?  She was really pleasant and set my mind at ease if we decided not to travel.  I would give them a call... though not sure you would reach someone today.  Also, if you decide not to travel, I would email immediately.  I'm sure they'll be able to work something out for you!

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Thank you. We did email super early this morning, but no response. We had a feeling that no one would answer the phone. At this point I was getting ready to risk it, but we will really put putting ourselves at risk, driving back so late. I just don’t want this to hurt her chances and this was our closest audition location. Even if they reschedule I worry about it conflicting with other auditions! What have you decided to do?

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We're going to go.  I'm coming from the south, Philly area, so it seems it will be mostly rain for me - quite a different situation than you! For what it is worth,  I don't think I personally would do it if I were you.  We are also supposed to drive to Erie tomorrow for an audition Monday; I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to decide on that.  Makes you wish they could do auditions in the summer... Good luck to you and your dancer!

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We JUST heard back from her admissions counselor who said not to worry, and to stay safe. I’m not going to chance it. I am hoping maybe they will slide us into the on-campus audition on the 26th perhaps, even though it would be a much longer trip, she would get to see the campus at least. It’s not worth putting our lives at risk, and hopefully they school understands and doesn’t hold this against her. 

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