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I think you made the right decision, and I'm sure they understand and of course won't hold it against her!  Its not the first time it's happened, they had a big blizzard two years ago or so... I'm sure it will all work out for the best.  Glad you are staying safe!


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My DD has been accepted and is strongly considering this program.  Any updated reviews would be greatly appreciated!!


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BalletMomChicago,  Hi! Congrats to your DD! Was just curious how long after the audition she was notified of her acceptance? My DD just auditioned for Point Park last weekend. Thanks!

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Hi thedancermom, jumping in here... My DD auditioned January 19 and received email acceptance February 5, and mail notification with scholarship award a few days later.  

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Thanks!  That acceptance was a great boost... Our decision is a long way off; one more audition yet, and then waiting for complete aid packages and other university decisions to arrive.  It will be a numbers game for us, for sure!  I will be GLAD when the process is done.😜

Good to luck to you and your DD!

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I also auditioned this past weekend...I really enjoyed it! The staff was friendly and I love that campus is downtown.

Fingers crossed on an acceptance! 🤞

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ballet19, Hi! Have you heard anything from Point Park yet? 

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Hello thedancermom, I did. I received an email midweek notifying me that I was not accepted into the program. Not surprised, very disappointed though. Audition season is rough sometimes. Hopefully your daughter gets better news than me! 

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Does anyone know if you can have dual concentration at PP?  Can you have both and Jazz and Ballet?  I thought you could but my daugther is hearing differently.  Any current students have any feedback on the program they would like to share?

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Can anyone speak to recent opinions regarding PPU's ballet concentration track?  I've read through the entire thread and it seems like in earlier years until about 2016 the ballet focus was very solid and alumni moved on to dance with professional ballet companies.  I'm wondering if that is still true since the new dance director took over a few years back?  In looking at the current faculty's bios very few seem to have any professional ballet performing experience and the majority of the alumni listed are in modern or contemporary companies if they are dancing professionally.  

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As far as the ballet focus at PPU, I know what one of the teachers who recently left there told a class at a summer intensive 2019 - he suggested that if the dancer wanted triple track program then PPU was great for them but if they just wanted to focus on ballet that perhaps they should look elsewhere. My ballerina who is a Senior looking to enter college and focus in ballet fall 2020 took this to heart and was no longer interested in applying there. Hopefully others who are actually students there or who have students there focusing on ballet could also address this issue.

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