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Typically,  it means the program has an equal emphasis on ballet, modern, and jazz.  

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Has anyone else registered for the NYC audition on January 18th?  An email confirmation back in December when we registered and paid said that details would be emailed about 2 weeks out but we still have not heard anything.  Website still lists Mark Morris as the location, but no other details have been given.  Anyone else in the same situation?

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ballettalkgrm, Yes triple track is equal emphasis ballet, jazz, modern. And PPU has focused tracks, but if your dancer is interested in ballet, the same teacher who said the previous comments said that if they want to study ballet they should not attend a multi-track program. This is just one opinion from someone who was an instructor at PPU and is no longer - but this comment applied to any ballet dancer looking at any school. I have heard it from other respected instructors as well. But your dancer will need to see the programs for themself as so many other things come into play as they start looking to find the exact balance they need in college. Best of luck!

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My daughter is a freshman at PPU. From what we were told and what we have experienced, if you are looking for classical ballet training aimed toward a classical ballet career this would probably not be a good fit. They do not perform full length classical ballets. If  you are looking for a contemporary ballet career it may be a better fit. Like a previous poster noted it is an individual choice. Mine auditioned for ballet focused as well but ultimately chose PPU because she wanted a more rounded experience and it has turned out to be a very good fit for her.  

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My daughter received both an artistic achievement award and a dean's academic award. Both awards came at the same time as the artistic decision. 

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No specific academic major. She was accepted in the BFA program for ballet. The academic award was based on her gpa and act score I assume, and her artistic award from her audition.

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Hi, I am a high school senior who is in the process of applying for colleges, and was hoping to gain some more information about Point Park. I am interested in their modern BFA major along with taking an academic minor. Is it possible to take minor along with the BFA program? How are the academics there? 

For the modern BFA, does anyone know what a daily schedule is like? What classes/techniques are offered? How big is the BFA program? Also, how is the faculty? 

Thank you! Any information would be much appreciated. 

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@VeronicaP My daughter is a Freshman at PPU, so I will try to answer some questions.

She is debating taking a minor now. It is possible. She did take some summer courses this past summer to make it possible. She will probably take some more next summer.

Her schedule is pretty full. They are taking all dance and dance related classes in person (masks, social distancing and disinfecting). She has ballet Monday-Friday, Modern Tuesday- Friday and Jazz Tuesday- Friday. She does have more classes- some dance related , some academic. 

I do not know how big the BFA program is 🤷‍♀️

She absolutely loves the faculty!! Learning a lot 😀

Also, they have taken great care in keeping the students safe this year. 

As a Mom, I could not be happier with her choice!

I hope this helps a little. If you have anymore questions, I can try to find out the answers :)


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