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When I was looking at the college, the academics didn't seem that great. I believe you only needed a 2.5 gpa (out of four) for admission. Now, that's not to say that the classes themselves arn't great, but my impression - from visiting the school and talking with an admissions councilor only (I couldn't observe any classes because I visited during the summer)

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Guest Dancing Duranie

I danced at Point Park through their community programs six times a week from 1998-2001. The classes were excellent and were taught by either faculty or students from their programs. I also worked at a dance store and we fitted quite a few of the students there. In fact, my boss attended Point Park's ballet program and performed with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.


From my observations through living in Pittsburgh for 4 years.........Point Park is very well known for its performing arts program, as well as Carnegie Mellon University. Little known fact..........Melenia Kanakaredes from the now cancelled NBC show "Providence" (she played the lead, Sid) was a graduate of Point park. There are a TON of performance opportunities in Pittsburgh covering all disciplines of dance, acting, etc.


As far as the academics, my friend attended graduate school (MBA) there for about a year. She left because she didn't find it quite challenging enough for her. I went to the University of Pittsburgh and never took any academics at Point Park, so I can't tell you from personal experience what the academics are like.

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A friend of DD, who now dances at Nashville Ballet, is a graduate of Point Park. She loved the program, and received many starring roles in both ballet and jazz productions while she was a student there. She came from a teeny studio, in a town of 3,000 and it was a good environment for her to grow and learn. She made many close friends, and felt that her teachers gave her great corrections and wonderful opportunities. She found the academics challenging, but not too hard. She highly recommended it to younger dancers as they began to look at colleges. We also know several dancers, without the classical "ballet body", who were accepted into and really enjoyed the summer program there.

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I did audition for the program and loved it. The class was difficult yet really upbeat, the teachers were friendly and helpful!!!!

audtion; 1 hour and 15 min. ballet class

w/ 15 min. en pointe for those auditioning for ballet

1 hour jazz class( more musical theatre)

1 hour modern class

all classes fun!!!!


I found out a week after my audition, when they said wait 3 weeks!!!

I was accepted with scholarship!you find out quickley I believe if you are accepted!!!!!

stay positive and confident and have fun!!!! Good luck!!!


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dancergirl-what did you include on your video and how long was it? Did you have to wait long for your reply?

Has anyone visited the school? If yes, what are the dorms like? the studios?

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well i did visit the school, and all I can really say is that there is NO campus, because its in a city!!!I didnt get to see the dorms I guess that wasnt included in the tour? but I saw the studios which 2 are fair size, and the rest are small. However, there are building a new area for NEW studios so hopefully that really happens! If you have any other questions just ask!

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The specifications for the video are on the website I believe. I have not visited the school. My teacher went to the school for college, so that is why I auditioned.

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AEDancer, thanks for the information on the audition.


crzctldt, I visited the school over the summer. I live ten minutes from a big state school, and the tiny campus at point park freaked me out (I don't want college to be like high school all over again!). I decided I was going to cross this school off my audition list, but the more I read about it, the more I think that the program is right for me. Now I just have to make it in.... Anyway, my point: when I visited this summer, I saw Point Park's dorm rooms. The dorms are in an old hotel and are pretty standard as far as college dorm rooms go. HTH

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DD auditioned at Point Park this weekend: :)



Small, urban campus. Students could potentially go days without even going outside as the main campus buildings are all interconnected. There has been ungoing renovation, and the facilities are very nice and well-kept. The school will open new suites for upper classmen this fall and a brand new eight story dance building in Spring, '07. We were told the food is good and there is a cafe alternative to the cafeteria, which offered great choices. Did not get to see dorm rooms. The library is one block away and is an old bank building, beautifully restored, as has been one of the other campus buildings. The Pittsburgh Playhouse is in the Oakland neighborhood and the school provides a shuttle.



Very friendly and welcoming. Though this is a top-rated school, no "snobbery" was evident, just tons of pride. Daughter was approached and offered an opportunity to observe classes.


Audition: 33 students, almost 3 1/2 hours: ballet, pointe, jazz and modern. Everyone was given lots of time to be seen and there were numerous faculty present. DD thoroughly enjoyed herself and came out exhausted but exhilirated.


Extras: They had just open CONTACT that week and we saw the show. The dancing in the third act was some of the best I have seen in awhile. Also the Wicked tour opened in Pittsburgh this weekend and the cast was giving master classes for students all day on Friday!

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Thanks to all for all of the valuable info. about Point Park. My dd is a junior this year, but will be attending PBT this summer. We now will try to incorporate a campus visit when we pick her up at the end of the summer intensive. Does Point Park have an audition tour, or do you have to travel to Pittsburgh to audition?

Any and all info. is always appreciated.

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We visited Point Park last week, and our tour guide told us that Ballet isn't what they are known for, as they are better known for jazz and modern. and musical theater. I thought that they were strong in ballet. Does anybody know anything about that, maybe the tour guide got it wrong, as she was a journalism major. I noticed that the wall with all the former students who are now working professionals didn't have many ballet dancers. My DD didn't really like the school, I don't know if it was because it seemed so congested, with packed elevators and people everywhere. It seemed overwhelming. But, the tour guide did stress the new building that will be ready in the fall 2007 and will be all new dance studios. Then all of the dance studios with be used for other things. Also, they are building new dorm type apartments. We think that our DD should do the audition anyway, as they have an audition in NYC .

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mygurl, when I visited Point Park, I watched a jazz class, and the teacher talked to me for a while. He said that he thought that Point Park was about equal for ballet and jazz, but if a student wanted intense modern training, that attending a large university that focuses only on modern would be more beneficial. HTH!

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