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DD is a freshman at PP, so is in all of her 3rd day of classes. The start of the year has had many ups and downs for her, but I think this is similar for mst new students. DD is in honors classes and loves that her freshman comp class has only 6 people in it. They aev not danced much yet but she has the department head for ballet and really likes her class. And was impressed that he knew the names of many of the kids already.


We will see how things go, but she is settling in and excited to get dancing.

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Wendyrina, Welcome to BT4D!! We look forward to having you join us in various discussions on the Board. As a Faculty Member of Point Park Conservatory, you will bring a fresh perspective to many discussions, I'm sure.


Just to clarify the purpose of these dedicated threads, they are a collection of first-hand experiences our members share and exchange, as well as questions and answers the members have received over the years from their visits to the various programs. As with all things in the world, things change from year to year, sometimes radically, sometimes more slowly. We do, however, welcome and encourage our members to provide their first-hand experiences and ask that readers accept those posts in the spirit they were offered, i.e., as someone's personal experience and perception of that experience.


Thank you for a view from a Faculty member's perspective. I'm sure you will be a valuable resource for our membership.

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Once again, we will remind folks that the purpose of these threads are not to take issue with others' experiences and perceptions of their experiences, but to share information from ALL perspectives. We believe our readers are fully capable of piecing all the information together to get an 'in-the-round' type view of a program.


And as always, we request that information posted on this thread pertain to the COLLEGE program (and not the SI program) for clarity sake. Unless a poster has attended both the SI and college program, experiences from the SI are separate and distinct from experiences regarding the college program. :thumbsup:


Posts that 'take issue' with another's personal view will be removed. We know our members can give honest feedback from their own perspective without negating others'. If not, those posts will be removed as unhelpful. This is not a program that needs 'defending'. But it is helpful to folks researching and considering it to hear from ALL viewpoints.


Thanks for your understanding. :grinning:

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I just wanted to chime in here after "lurking" for far too long. DD is currently a Sophomore at Point Park and could not be happier with her choice. She is still pursuing a career with a ballet company and has found great support from the dance faculty at Point Park. She is in the honors program at PP and finds the academic classes challenging. DD has decided to pursue a second degree in Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management as a backup plan and the business department chair could not have been more helpful in assisting her to plan a schedule that will accomplish both majors (ballet and business) while still dancing.


I can't say enough about how supportive the faculty is and how wonderful the training is. DD attended ABT's collegiate summer program in NYC this summer and was placed in the highest level. She also attended the summer program at Point Park and loved the training. Her home teachers (including a former Marinsky theatre ballerina) have nothing but compliments on her progress after a year at Point Park.


I don't know where college will lead DD but I do know that for now she is very happy and definitely made the right choice to go to college at this point in her life.

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Balletbuddy - I hope our girls meet because my DD, also at PPU and in honors, want to minor in Sports, Arts Administration ...

DD (again after 4 days) is enjoying her academic classes and the dance. I am sure the girls will meet, but it is nice to hear that your DD is happy into her second year.

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Since this is the time that most HS seniors are making decisions about where to apply and audition, I thought I would add a little information about the first few weeks as dragged out of my DD who is a freshman. She does not see the need to quantify everything so the numbers are her guesses. Also DD is a modern major, so I cn't speak to point or Pas classes.


Program size - in her non-counting way she says the modern program is very small (8 new freshman), the ballet and jazz are much bigger and she thinks the jazz program is biggest. PPU says they take in 60 dancers a year, so if only 8 are modern, she woudl guess ballet is 23ish and jazz 30ish. She says there are a lot of boys, but could not get a number out of her or how they were distributed across the areas.


Freshman classes - all Freshman dance (and music theatre) majors have ballet at 8 am five days a week. In looking at the fall course schedule it looks like many sophmores will continue this way. All major also have jazz and modern (almost certain about having both) 4 days a week. From when we were at oreintation and comparing schedules all the ballet majors also had pointe and Paus and I think they meet 2 or 3 times a week. (DD had Dunham in place of one of these, but ended up having to switch out of it.) DD also has 2 credits of production/rehearsal, but this was not part of the ballet schedules.


Leveling - second day of classes they did auditions for class levels in everything but modern. Initially DD ended up in the second lowest level for ballet, but after a few days was moved up. DD really liked the instructor at the lower level and felt that she could get a lot out of it, but is also very happy in the class she is in now. DD says that a lot of the jazz students were in the lower level and it was very focused on cleaning up technical issues since she thinks the majority of these students were from competition schools.

All the modern freshman majors are in the same section of modern, and this was somewhat leveled but not via audition. Her class is Graham based and she came from a strong Horton foundation she modern is OK. She does loves her classmates and likes the teacher but is not a huge Graham fan (probably because it is newer and harder).

Jazz DD says this was more like she expected the modern to be - whatever that means. This is a leveled course also and after auditions they ended up switching her completely to a different group and time, but she doesn't know if this was a move up, down or just balancing class size. Overall she feels that she is in the right place in all her classes and is learning a lot.


Academics - DD is in the honors program and her honors english section has only 6 kids. She loves it but finds it challenging. Her other academic class is a Poli Sci class, which she had to switch into due to the change in her jazz class. It is a sophmore level class so she is finding it a good stretch for her. She was very pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed the content. DD took 12 quarter credits of classes as a senior in HS and PPU gave her 12 semester credits for these. This included her math requirement and others will be electives, so makes me happy.


Dorms are OK, she definitely recommends rooming with a dance or MT major since you know they will also have an 8 am class everyday. Food is OK, one problem is dinner is very early, so she is frequently hungry later at night. There is also the all you can eat buffet issue as she feels she is eating too much, but she is also dancing more so it probably balances out.


Adminstrative stuff- I think every piece of official paperwork we had to turn in, we have had to turn in at least twice. Photocopy everything! DD is home this weekend because she has a work study position and they could not find her passport/social info which we know we took and copied for them at orientation, so she came to get it. This is just annoying (not having her home but having to send everything twice) and hasn't been a big problem but ...


It was an adjustment for DD to go from being at the top to being at the low end of middle, but she is happy and feeling good at this point.

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Nice to hear. The first semester is all about finding your niche and making it work. I have a feeling your d will be running things in no time! My d is staying there a little while longer just so she can take class before she has to be in NY at the end of the month... must be good.








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Thank you calamitous, That's great information. I wonder why there are so few modern students? Does the school offer any activities on weekends? Are they close to any other universities in the area?

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DD's weekend comments were that downtown Pitt is very shut down. There is a shuttle bus for the kids to go shopping but she hasn't managed to catch it. Through the honors program she has signed up for some weekend events - although she skipped the cleaing up the park the first weekend. I think right now she is still figuring out her way around and what to do so it is hard to know at this point. She auditioned for and made the hip hop dance team and they perform at basketball games, so seems like there maybe some winter sports.

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Georgia, regarding weekends at Point Park, DD found that after a few weeks there as a freshman (last year), she became comfortable taking the public buses to other campuses (especially Univ of Pittsburgh) for activities and restaurants. She did get tired of the dining hall food last year. Now that she is a sophomore, she is living in an apartment on campus. The apartments are really beautiful. Another thing Point Park does well is remodel and expand! DD and her roommates mostly cook for themselves and have been shopping for groceries using public transportation.


Calamitous - I'm sure our daughters will meet at some point, if they haven't already, since they are both in the Honors college and dance!


Again, it has been a great experience for DD all around.

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My DD was not a Point Park kid, but she did live in Pittsburgh a couple of years. Downtown REALLY does shut down - like a ghost town. It's amazing. Definitely hop on that public transportation (bus schedules are online so student or mom can check them out, incuding where and when to catch them). Go to Squirrel Hill. Or take a bus to Centre Avenue. The Borders Books and Whole Foods there have great restaurants/coffee shop. There is an awesome pizza place right next to Giant Eagle on the same strip, as well as a Panera Bread. All those are open Sat and Sun. Or to the Strip, which has an amazing array of stores, restaurants, ethnic groceries, street vendors, and runs all day and into the night on Saturday and all afternoon on Sunday. Also, check out the city website. Pittsburgh has festivals of some kind almost every weekend. Greek was particularly yummy and fun. Another good all day trip is out to Waterworks mall and movie theatre. The bus goes there as well. The bus is cheap, safe, effective.

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Allegheny County Regional Asset Development sponsors many amazing free events every fall. Here is a link to their schedule for this year. These events are very popular (crowded) so arrive early!




Also, visit the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust (www.pgharts.org) and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (www.pbt.org), both offer significantly discounted (half price) "student rush" tickets for most shows.


In recent years, Pittsburgh has had very few downtown residents and so small restaurants and most stores didn't find it feasible to stay open on the weekends. Now, many new residential buildings are opening and the trend looks encouraging. Hopefully, these smaller businesses will see reasons to expand their hours soon.

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