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To Start Ballet?

Guest Ivorywolf

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Guest Ivorywolf

I am posting here for a simple reason: I am curious as if I should start ballet.


I am a start art advocate—I write, paint, and play numerous instruments. All my life I have wanted to dance, I and I finally think I have the courage to attempt at ballet.


I do have a few questions—which I pray you can answer—as you are all experienced.


1. I recently turned 15, and have only had dance experience when I was three. Is it to late to start an introductory course?

2. Flexibility is not in my family. I’m semi-flexible. Is there a way to improve it, or am I already doomed?

3. I’m 5’8’’, 135 pounds, and am fairly fit. Do I need to loose weight before approaching a dancing instructor, or is this fine for now as long as it comes off as time progresses? If I do need to loose weight before hand, what weight do you recommend?

4. The time issue. I am actively being trained on the violin and piano at advanced levels that take around 30% during school. If I do not write I will go mad. There is also the issue of my terrible, terrible school classes coming up ahead. Ballet requires commitment…do you think I will be able to do it?


I await your reply. :yucky:


-Alka Swift

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Hello Ivorywolf, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :yucky:


It's never too late to start ballet, if it is something you love and would love to do! It does take a certain time commitment in order to accomplish anything, but even with two or three lessons a week you could learn a lot and enjoy it.


Don't worry about size, as you are not going into this to become a professional classical dancer. The weight issue is not imporant, and also not something we discuss here. We can't see you. Numbers don't matter.


If you want to dance, then dance! :o

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Hi, Alka, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :yucky:


Sure, you should start ballet! You'll never know whether you're going to be any good at it until you try! Don't worry about weight, that'll change. Don't worry about flexibility, that can be trained in. Find the best ballet school you can, and just start!

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Guest merrylegs

it's never too late to start ballet! i started fairly late (13/14 years old) and i have had so much fun! i'm also 5'8 and weigh about 130 and i didn't have to lose weight! you should definately start! :D

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I agree with abtwannabe what is there to lose?? If you really want to do it! I wouldn't worry about how you look or anything..I also am advanced in piano and violin. It is hard at first to fit everything in...but you'll figure it out. :D

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Guest latin_dancer

hey! yes, you definitly should start. there's nothing to loose! I started, well restarted last year, had a big break during summer and recently began training again :clapping: if you work hard you'll make it :D by the way this is my first post :clapping:

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And a welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers to you, latin dancer. :D

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Guest lightupthestage7

Definitely try ballet! About the flexibility thing, DO NOT worry about it. I used to have literally no flexibility whatsoever, and now, after I have worked for years, I have all my splits and a very flexible back! Anything is possible if you work hard! Also, I have A LOT of things going on in my week, especially during the school year, but I still fit in eight to ten hours of dance every week! By the way, if you do ballet (and I hope you will), I hope it goes really well for you!



--Di :)

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