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Guest boydancer05

I am a student who interested in possibly auditioning for this company. Does anyone know much about them? Do they tend to accept American dancers into more than just the corps? And if they do, do they discriminate against ethnicity or does it just depend on how clean your technique is? Thank you very much.

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It is a mixed ethnicity and nationality company just like any other top company all around the world- I know a lot of US dancers dancing in German companies. A high percentage (about 70%!) of the dancers in German companies are not of German origin (many American, Candian, French, Japanese, Korean, South American etc dancers) which in general I think is an European phenomenon.

At the Deutsche Oper am Rhein the ballet master Ms. Cuoco is from Boston, the artistic director and director of the ballet school Mr Kjellson is Danish, Mr Vamos, the choreographer is Hungarian... Most dancers there are not German as well but are of many different nationalities.

What did you expect? Do me a favor and get rid of your prejudices- its not anymore like it maybe has been 60 years ago there. It is pretty much open minded and normal there.

Of course you usually start out in the corps de ballet which is pretty much normal for a young dancer all around the world but if you are good there will be everything open to you.

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