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Guest prettyINpointes92

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Guest prettyINpointes92

the Royal Ballet is my favorite ballet company and it is my dream to be a dancer in it when i get older. What is you favorite ballet company and why? :wacko:






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Susanne, I have edited your title to remove your abbreviations in the subtitle. Please read my responses to your other topics where it has been explained several times that we do not use teenspeak and computereese on Ballet Talk for Dancers. The next time I have to edit a title or that you use 'u' and 'ure' and wht and anything else that make your posts illegible for our members from other countries, and sometimes even to those of us in English speaking countries, I will block your posting privileges. You registered and started madly posting, demanding immediate attention, after midnight, and not taking the time to read the Sticky threads and learn how we work here on Ballet Talk. This is not a chat board, it is a MODERATED discussion board. There are rules, and they are strictly enforced.


Sorry to sound "mean", but I have to get your attention.

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My favorite ballet company is American Ballet Theater. I love all of the dancers in the company, especially Alessandra Ferri(she is one of my favorite dancers). I hope I can dance at ABT one day!

baking_balletdancer :pinch:

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For me it is the Zürcher Ballett an it is mainly because Spoerli is their choreographer. There is no ballet from him which I don't like and the music he chooses is also my favourite music (I don't know if he can read my thoughts :clover: )

I have also my favourite dancers there in the company like Dirk Segers, François Petit and Yen Han. And, ha,ha, I will never have the chance anymore to dance there but the hmt would have been my prefered school to become a ballet student.

Anyway, I watch every single ballet they dance and when I liked one very much, I will watch it again.

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Guest somedaySAB

My favorite is the Kirov ballet, too. I think all of the dancers are amazing and their dancing is so "Russian" if you know what I mean.:clover: I wish I could be a dancer in their company!

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My favorite ballet company is American Ballet Theatre. I think that all of the dancers are beautiful! I love to watch Julie Kent, Gillian Murphy, Paloma Herrera, Melanie Hamrick, Angel Correla and a lot more! They are SO amazing! It's my dream to dance there...sigh. :clover:



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I like the Kirov because they so technically perfect. Everything about them is clean, and I love to watch clean ballet. The corps is always together and everything is seamless. They are so beautiful to watch, and always remind me of how beautiful ballet can be when it is done well.

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Guest Kitri25

My favorite company is American Ballet Theater- when I see performances there, I feel like I'm taken into a different world- there is virtuosity and pyrotechnics (among the best in the world) as well as dramatic intensity, fervor, excitement, etc. My favorite dancer is Alessandra Ferri- I think she is the most beautiful ballerina ever and she really lives her roles. I also love Julie Kent and Nina Ananiashvilli. From the men, my favorite is Julio Bocca. I also love Angel Corella and Herman Cornejo.

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Guest Burgundybell47

My favorite company is the New York City Ballet, but it's so hard to choose just one! I also love the Royal Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet~ My favorite dancer would have to be Maria Kowroski, with Alina Cojocaru being my second~ They are so breathtaking to watch!

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New York City Ballet (Nothing can beat it!)


Kirov Ballet (Perfect technique!)


Royal Swedish Ballet (I saw them do Swan Lake the first time I'd ever seen Swan Lake, it just stuck with me!)

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Guest lisinka1

New York City Ballet used to be my favorite when they performed more Balanchine pieces. I just love his choreography and choice of music. Now it's hard to say which company is my favorite. Last year I saw ABT perform Raymonda and I was a bit disappointed. I do like the Paris Opera Ballet. I saw them perform La Bayadere in the 90's at the Met. I also have videos of the Kirov and Bolshoi. I have the Bolshoi performing a beautiful Raymonda. A much better version the ABT's. I have a tape from the 70's or 80's with Gabriella Komleva perfoming La Bayadere. It's one of my favorite videos.

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