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The Royal Ballet

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It used to be the Kirov for me, but now it's Pacific Northwest Ballet. They have, by far, the best corps of any American company I've seen: not only are they dancing together, but they have such a unified, very refined style, especially for Balanchine. I could watch their epaulement all day and never get tired of it. I'd rather watch them dance Balanchine than any other company (including NYCB). It gives me goose pimples just writing about it!


On top of that, they have magnificent principals like Patricia Barker and Louis Nadeau, along with what has to be the best orchestra in the business. Their ballet orchestra will outplay many regional, full-time orchestras.



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Guest lisinka1

In response to Andre -


Pacific Northwest Ballet caught my attention when I saw their version of The Nutcracker on TV. I thought it was brilliant. I enjoyed it much more than Baryshnikov's version. Patricia Barker is such a beautiful dancer with lovely feet. I was wondering - is there anything else on film with this company? I'd love to see more of their work.

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There's a DVD of PNB performing Balanchine's A Midsummer Night's Dream at Sadler's Wells during their London tour a few years ago. Patricia Barker dances Titania on that DVD. I love the Act II Divertissement in that performance. They've also updated the scenary and costumes, and there are some rather clever touches.



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My favorite company is Boston Ballet, because I go to the Boston Ballet School and see practically every Boston Ballet performance, and sometimes perform with them in ballets such as The Nutcracker. :) I also like Kirov Ballet and Bolshoi Ballet because I was born in Russia, and I saw one of their performances and they were really good! :) And of course I like American Ballet Theatre and Royal Ballet! My dream is to dance in one of the above ballet companies when I get older! :grinning:

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I think that NYCB has some wonderful dancers, and they are at the top of my list, but ABT takes the prize. Not only do they have dancers with the best tequnecality, but those in the company show such a passion, you forget you are watching people. When I saw them do Swan Lake, I didn't remember that they were only people in costumes, I truly believed they were swans who had died, and I was crying by the end(which I don't do much.) If a company can do that well then by far, they are the best. It is my DREAM to dance with them!

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I know this post used to say that The Royal Ballet was my favorite company, but it is ABT. I know tht I'm at the Royal Ballet School, but my dream is to dance with ABT. From little_dancer123 x

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The Royal Ballet. Without a doubt. Every dancer there is unique and amazing in their own way! :mondieu:

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My favorites are The Royal Ballet and The Royal Danish Ballet :shrug: they're both very good technically, but the dancers also have lots of emotion.

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