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Partnering question

Guest prettyINpointes92

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Guest prettyINpointes92

When we do turns in partnering class i am always scared that my knee will hit them, so my reflex my knee turns in. Well to get a good turn i need to turn out my let obviously. So how do you keep from hitting the guy? Should i draw my leg up slowly? Or take it right up to possay?



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prettyINpointes92, do us all a favor and go back and edit your posts where you've been using abbreviations please. Use "you" not "u", etc. I have edited your thread's title to fix it. I am sure it's your Internet typing habit but, as Ms. Leigh has explained to you before, we do not like our posters to use that kind of thing.

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Remember! It is your partner's job: #1 To make you look good. #2 Not to get in your way! If you hit him with your knee, unless you are really reaching out with it in some kind of mega-passé position, it's his fault, not yours.

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Guest prettyINpointes92

Yes that is what i thought. My dance school doesn't have any male dancers that are ready for partnering so our teacher is a dancer in the Pennsylvania Ballet but he oviously can't partner the whole class. So sometimes I am not dancing with dancers or like it's a jazz dancer, and they don't know to get out of the way.

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Guest dancer522

I don't partner yet, but my teacher told me that you have to draw your arms in closer to yourself and cross your passe leg farther than you normally would so you don't hit them. But, like Mr. Johnson said, if you're partnering with people who don't know what they are doing, it probably is their fault.

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