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new (to me) step


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I was watching the advanced class before my class during the week, and the teacher set a jump whose name I couldn't hear, which looked like it involved a grand battement to the front with each leg in turn, travelling slightly forwards. It was unfamiliar to me and it isn't obvious from my trusty old book what step it was. Can anyone guess what it was from my description?

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It's also sometimes called a "hitch-kick"...

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Yes, unfortunately, even though that is certainly not in the ballet dictionary! :wink:

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Depending on the vocabulary being used, it can also be called a jeté passé, or even a passepied.

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Thankyou all for the replies - and no, not in my book under any of those names. I'd better get another book. This one has served me for more than 20 years so it was a good investment....

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