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Hi all!


Please can I have your opinion. I've been thinking for a while that I would like to become a Ballet teacher, however I know I am not quite up to standard yet. I currently take 4 x 40 min classes at my studio a week and 1 x 1 hour class with a private tutor. I take two RAD Grade 6, two RAD Grade 7, and with my private tutor we are working towards Intermediate Foundation. However, I have been asking around to see if I could get a class everyday and one of the Cecchetti schools emailed me back saying they would be interested in helping me train to be a teaching of ISTD Cecchetti. They said first I would have to pass my Intermediate Cecchetti Exam which would then allow me to do a Foundation in Dance Education course. They said they can offer me 3 Intermediate Cecchetti classes a week.


Now for the Dillema... should I stay at my current school and work towards finishing my RAD grades then decide how to study for teaching qualifications (I'm hoping to take my Grade 6 in the Winter) or should I leave all the RAD syllabus I have learnt and start taking classes where I know people understand my desire to learn (I feel sometimes that i'm not taken seriously at my dance studio because I am 20 - and therefore too old!)


Also the studio that can offer me Intermediate Classes is 1 hour's drive and my studio now is only 10 minutes!


Oh the demands of Ballet, if only more schools in the local area would offer regular classes at my level!


Any suggestions/ideas? Or if anyone is from the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey area and can recommend schools that would be great, as I want to look into getting proper training as I am really serious about learning.


Jen x

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Cecchetti and RAD actually go pretty well together. Early RAD was almost totally based on Cecchetti, and there are still echoes of it in the present curriculum. If the economics permit it, why not take both? Quite a few people do.

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Unfortunately the class times clash! I wish I could do both, I would love to, but people in this area always seem to hold ballet classes on thursdays and saturdays!

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Drat! Sounds like the Old Army - Inspection Parade on Wednesday and Saturday. Which meant that four days of the week, everybody looked awful, because Sunday Church Parade meant very best clothes.

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hi jen

i think you should go for it, my teacher studied RAD and now teaches Cecchetti :D


she is a fab teacher with high standards - i dont know where i would be without her :D

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Guest BalletBrat
I currently take 4 x 40 min classes at my studio a week and 1 x 1 hour class with a private tutor


Well no wonder! 40 minutes is an awefully short amount of time for that level of Ballet training. You need to be somewhere that you can take a full 90 minute class! If the Cecchetti school offers longer classes, then I would drive there. And yes, RAD and Cecchetti do compliment eachother very well, given their "history" so to speak.


I am not sure of the requirements for Cecchetti teacher cert. programs, but for RAD you need to pass the Intermediate exam. I don't know what your abilities are, but it seems to me that if the teaching programs are your goal then you need to be in the classes that will get you there. I am assuming that you are now in or have at least passed grade 5? If this is the case, then I would skip grade 6 and go right on to the Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate, you can always go back through the higher grades if you desire, but the technique in the Vocational levels is what you need to work on for your teaching cert.


I adore the higher grades, and because I am "old" and a late starter they are less intense for me,but, I want to become a registered teacher so I went straight into Intermediate and am now doing Advanced 1, it is a bit of a struggle and I have to work really hard, but I am making it work. I think the reason why I can make it work is because I have teachers that believe in me and support me in my goal to become a teacher myself. If you don't have a strong support system at your current school, or someone who can mentor you,I suggest you try create one. Is there a teacher there that you have spoken to about your dream? Maybe your private tutor can offer you some advice and support?


Good luck in whatever you decide, and let us know the path you take! :D

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I was wondering the same... why are your RAD classes only 40 minutes?

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I was wondering the same... why are your RAD classes only 40 minutes?


I've gotta agree here. What do you get through in a 40 minute class? Sometimes, in some of my best classes when we are having an intensively technical barre, barre is over 40 minutes! In that amount of time, I'd be very worried about doing any jumps or so for fear of injury.


I sometimes take a one hour long class before a pointe class, and often I don't feel like class has been 'complete' enough for me. I'd be surprised if you could get through half of a grade's syllabus, with corrections and technical advice, in that amount of time.


It might even be worth it to take two longer classes (like 1.5 hours) instead of these four small ones. You really need a full class, not just to develop stamina and to fully warm up, but to allow for a fuller exploration of technique, steps, and how things 'connect', if that makes sense.


I know how hard it is to find classes, as I've made very public on this board! But, if it is feasible for you to get to those three longer classes... go go go!

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Hi Jenny,


I too was wondering about the 40 minutes!


As for Cecchetti, I do Cecchetti & the Intermediate is a HUGE jump from RAD Intermediate Foundation in terms of difficulty.


It might be an idea to ask the Cecchetti school (it's not the one I go to by any chance, is it?) :D if they do Intermediate Foundation - also the classes may be at different times from Thursday & Saturday.


I would also suggest getting the Cecchetti Intermediate video (you can get it from the ISTD website).



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I've been looking around and it seems pretty standard in this area that Graded Classes are 40mins to an hour. All vocational classes seem to be 1 and a half hours. Its not too bad for me, as the Grade 7 class is right after the Grade 6 class, so its like having 80mins 2 x a week. Sometimes we don't do barre work... sometimes we do mainly barre work. Its all very odd!

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The shortest classes I've seen here, at that level, are a hour, and I think they are too short! Sometimes you *don't* do barre work? Does that mean that sometimes your first class of the day, you go in and you start straight into centre??? :cool2: That frightens me. I'm sure most people here would agree with me that I encourage you to find a consistent class with appropriate development from barre to centre. We all owe this to ourselves, not just for our technical and artistic development, but also for our health and safety.

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I do think its odd, that we go straight to the centre, but it is a really good school. We've had quite a few pupils go to Tring Arts Ed, Royal Ballet School (most of the little ones are associates!), London Studio Centre and Laines.


Maybe because it is only 40 mins, they dont have enough time for barre work... increasing the length of the class would be good!

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