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Welcome to Ballet Talk For Dancer's Ballet History Forum!


This forum will be a knowledge base as well as a place for discussion of ballet history -- dancers, choreographers, ballets and events.


It is for young dancers and their parents. Like other Special Groups forums, we ask that ONLY young dancers, their parents and the moderator post here.


For others who are interested in ballet history, or if you want to go into more depth than this forum can probably handle, there's a Ballet History forum at our sister site, Ballet Talk. There are also forums there devoted to ballets, current performances, and dancers.


The dancers discussed on this forum will NOT be those currently performing, as this is history, not current events :D

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Jaana Heino

Excuse me, but I really want to clarify this - does this mean that adult ballet students are not allowed to ask questions here? (With the same rules applying to discussion and answering questions as applies to others, of course.)


I am quite ok (if not happy) with the system, if this is the case, I just want to make sure - after all, the adult student forums are also under special groups. :clapping:

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Thanks for the question -- I think it would be fine for adult ballet students to ask questions. What we're trying to avoid, as Ms. Leigh said in her initial post, is having someone post "When was 'Swan Lake' first performed?" and have 5 people answer it. That happened in the early days of the Young Dancers forum, and it's why we started having the Special Groups limited to particular groups of posters and moderators.

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Jaana Heino

Thank you for the clarification.


And I just want to add that I completely understand and approve of the rule that not just anyone can answer questions on the forums, that's what makes this board what it is and such a treasure. (Frankly, sometimes I wish it was more enforced on the adult forum too. :D)

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