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partnering w/skirts


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I am about to leave for my SI and i was just wondering if it is o.k. to wear skirts for partnering class. If it is o.k. , is there a length that it should be?

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If you've never done partnering before, why confuse the issue? It's best to start partnering with no extras, so that you can both be comfortable and unconfined. Also, it helps to not have your partner get his finger caught under a waistbelt.

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o.k. I have done partnering at summer intesives and during the year at my school. I have always worn a skirt, tucking in the bow. Is it a problem if a skirt is worn? Harder for the guy?

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I think it is harder for them, and would not recommend it. Especially for the younger, or newer to partnering, students. However, if there is a performance and there will be a skirt in the performance, then they should be worn for rehearals.

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Yes, much harder for a neophyte male partner. Also makes him hard to explain when you have to drag him around the mall on shopping trips when you can't get his finger untangled.

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Guest twinklehooves

I was told that it was not acceptable when you're partnering if you're new and if the guy is new. However, if you and your partner are experienced it is ok to wear a skirt or a warm-up or two. That's what my ballet teacher taught us.


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