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Callous - off or on?


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I have heard two different points of opinion on the idea of keeping a callous or smoothing a callous off the foot? I have one on each foot, on the bottom, directly under the big toe joint at the metatarsal, on the inside -side of each foot. I have heard a callous should not be smoothed off the foot because it will protect the foot when dancing, and I have head it is okay to remove a callous. What is your opinion? :blushing:

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Up to you really. If it's uncomfortable, file it down, but if it's not causing discomfort, don't worry about it.

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Guest LittleMissChievious

When I was in gymnastics, we were told that it was good to build up callouses because it would protect our hands and feet. But we were not supposed to let them get too big or too rough, because then they would catch and rip. I have callouses on the top side of my big toes and around the backs of my heels, and I make sure I keep them moisturized with a good foot cream so that they do not get too dried out and jagged. If they get too jagged, I will file them gently just to remove the jagged pieces, and buff them so they are really silky smooth and leave the bulk of the callous intact.

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Thank you both, sounds like good advice, think I'll file these puppies down right now! :sweating:

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Occasionally I indulge in a foot treatment at my gym. The foot expert (I've forgotten the proper word!) does file the callouses on the ###### of my feet and little toes a bit, he says it's worth doing to prevent them growing too large, but they will always build up again because they reflect where your feet are coping with the pressure you put on them....they're not a bad thing unless uncomfortable.

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What's nasty is getting a blister UNDER one of those. I file down the ones on the bottom of my little toes for that reason.

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