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How many and what brand?


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I was just curious how many pointe shoes your DD's are going through at their SI's? Mine is going through about 1 every 4-5 days. She wears Suffolk Solos. Time to sell the house! :)

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Suffolk solos don't last any time, even during the year! Poor you. Mine wears Grishko Maya I's, and they are lasting about a week. During the year the hard shank ones last three or even four weeks, and the mediums about two weeks, three if there is no rehearsal.

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Mine goes through a pair every other day and one each day during performances. On top of that I have six pair being shipped from the States and three from Toronto as I write this because my DD's school never has her shoes in stock. This will make thirteen pair I have had to order from places other than her school in the last two months. I have to pay more when I order elsewhere and then I have to pay shipping at least once to get them to her (the ones from the States I have to get first because of duty etc.) She is wearing Freed Studio II's with a hard shank.I am pretty grumpy at the moment! :):thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Pointe shoes are the secret (or not so secret) expense of a training ballet dancer. When doing a lot of rehearsals, etc. one can go through a pair in a day!

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The dancers MUST rotate their shoes to allow sufficient time for them to dry out between wearings. You can't imagine what a difference this can make in the life of the shoes.


15yo DD, dancing at inter/adv level (think WSB Level 7/8 or thereabouts) wears Suffolk Solos but regularly rotates two pairs and they ROUTINELY last MUCH longer than you are quoting.


At her SI she is rotating THREE pairs and she has been there two weeks now and is no where near needing to add any more into the rotation.


At home during the school year, two rotating pairs (by this I mean wear Pair #1 on Monday, then Pair #2 on Tuesday, then Pair #1 again on Wed and so on) will last half the fall, then two more pair for late fall/Nut rehearsals, two more pair after Christmas break, two more for spring recital. That's only eight pairs TOTAL for the entire school year. I'm not making this stuff up !! During the school year she is en pointe for about 6-7 hours per week.


At SI I think it's more hours (I could double check with her via email later tonight if anybody wants particulars) hence the extra pair to rotate in, somedays she wets down two pair during the day and needs the third pair for the following morning.


But when the dancer allows the shoes to DRY OUT COMPLETELY between wearings they LAST MUCH LONGER. This is no myth and for our budget it's a requirement for her to be scrupulous with her rotation schedule. There's no WAY we could afford $80/week for shoes, even WITH the nice incentive program at the shop we buy from (thank you Philip at Empire!!!)




(whew, I hope this post keeps my account active :thumbsup: )

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I'm afraid to ask, but I think that at her SI she has started out by breaking in about 2 new pairs a week and rotating them with one left from the previous week. Then eventually she has a larger group that are "undead" and still in rotation, and later can break in in maybe one pair a week, vs. 2. Sounds confusing and it is :thumbsup:


Oh and she wears Grishko 2007s. Sometimes medium shank, sometimes hard

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Sent Dd with five new pairs of Suffolk Solos and one pair she had broken in and worn before she left her home studio. She danced between 3 and 5 hours on pointe each day at Kaatsbaan and shockingly only went through the one pair she brought that was already broken in and one other pair. That gives her four new pairs for session II. Her feet had better not grow til they're all worn out! :thumbsup:

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DD took four new pairs of pointe shoes and a couple of old pairs for five weeks. She just started on the second pair and it is week three of her SI. She wears Capezio Glisse and had better be rotating them!

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