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Guest One Last Dance

I figured everyone might've or not've heard about this new ballet movie but here is the info.


I haven't found a site but I saw the previews for a movie I rented I forgot what the movie I rented was called. But yes it looked promising. Here's a lil info about the movie.


The link: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=18086...cf=info&intl=us




The Info:Husband and wife Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi team up for the dramatic tale of redemption ONE LAST DANCE. Travis (Swayze), Chrissa (Niemi) and Max (George De La Pena) were three students of master choreographer Alex McGrath, but had a falling out many years ago over a particularly difficult piece that Alex created just for them. But upon Alex's death, the three are reunited and agree to attempt the dance piece once more to save his company, in the process reopening old emotional wounds that were never properly healed. Featuring acclaimed choreography and dance scenes, ONE LAST DANCE allows Swayze and professional dancer Niemi to showcase their skills in a film written from the experiences and struggles of performing artists.




BTW I am a guy who does ballet and yes I love dance movies.

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And in case you didn't already know, Swayze used to be a member of the Harkness Ballet in the 60s (He was very young).

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I believe the release date refers to the date that the DVD will be released for sale. :sweating:

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My dd and I rented this last year. Thought that the actual story was pretty weak, but there were some good dance sequences.

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Mel, I didn't recall that Swayze had been in Harkness but I certainly knew he was trained somewhere - I will say unabashedly that I loved seeing him dance in "Dirty Dancing". I don't think I've ever seen this movie you all are discussing. If it was made in 2003, how old would that make Patrick Swayze then? Is there a great deal of actual dancing - by Swayze?

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Thanks for that birthday info. :D - so he's actually older than I am :sweating: which makes me find it hard to believe that he did too much serious ballet dancing himself. Am I wrong?

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I think he used it more of a base to take off in other dance disciplines. :sweating:

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No, no! What I meant was that at his "advanced age" :sweating: at the time the movie came out that I would be surprised to hear that he actually performed in the movie as a ballet dancer...given the fact that he wasn't exactly a 22 year old anymore.

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Ahhh sorry for misunderstanding :sweating: Don't think he would do much dancing but you never know what computer technology can do ;-)

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Swayze also trained at SAB. There is a picture of him partnering in the stairwell in the dorm. Our AD was in attendance with him!!

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If my memory is correct :sweating: this was filmed at RWB...DD was there during this time...and he did indeed dance...and very well! They even brought their dogs to the studio's..

DD says both Swayze and his wife were lovely, approachable, down to earth everyday people.

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