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Movies: One Last Dance

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Oh my goodness! I MISSED an opportunity to watch Patrick Swayze dancing???? I MUST rent this movie when I get back from my trip next week.


Per a Biography presentation, Patrick grew up dancing in his mother's ballet studio, but wanted to be a major league baseball player. He had the talent and was all but there, but suffered a career-ending shoulder injury in high school. He re-focused on his ballet training, became a principal at Harkness and danced until the old shoulder injury re-surfaced. Then he switched to movies. Initially, he was very reluctant to do "Dirty Dancing" because he didn't want to get type-casted. Lucky for us (me!), he did the movie. I'm guessing all those "beat-em up", boys-night-out movies that followed were his way of staying out of the "dancing" mode.

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I'm with you, dancemaven:

Oh my goodness! I MISSED an opportunity to watch Patrick Swayze dancing????
That's exactly what I was thinking :D I will hasten to the rental store when I get home tonight.


BW, I also wondered about Swayze's age in 2003. He's even older than I am! I can't wait to see his dancing. There is something about that man's shoulders.... :sweating:

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I can't believe I didn't know about this either.


The Swayze movie's website is: onelastdancemovie.com


Check out the cast of dancers, including Tai Jimenez, Desmond Richardson, and Rasta Thomas!!!!!




For balance, the newer movie is from Singapore and due to be released in 'third quarter' 2005. No idea what it is about, and a cursory search showed this to have the most info:





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Great website for the movie with all the background info. and bios of the cast and choreogrpahers, thank you! I would like to get a hold of it and will be interested to see how it compares - ballet dancing wise - with The Company. The trailer and the photos show some bits and pieces.


Here is a bit about Swayze:

Offered both football and dance scholarships while still in high school in Houston, Texas, Swayze chose to move to New York to study with the Harkness Ballet Company, and then the Joffrey, before joining the Eliot Feld Ballet as a principal dancer.


And let's not for get George De La Pena! :)


I'm really surprised I'd never heard about this movie when it hit the big screen - perhaps it didn't play in too many areas. :)

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It had very limited release, mainly movie festivals. DD has a very good friend dancng in this movie, Yosuke Mino...he was also a dancer in my DD's piece she won a Choreography Award for... :)

Here'a wishing for great sales on this movie release!! :)

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Mel Johnson

And I remember him in Richard Gibson's men's class at Joffrey.

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Hey guys,


You have got to see this movie One Last Dance. We've waited 18+ years to see it and it is exactly what dance is all about. It's taken all the stereotypes and showed them for what they really are and not a caricature of what they are like in those "other dance movies".


Desmond Richardson and Rasta Thomas are two fo the main company dancers while Patrick Swayze, George de la Pena and Lisa Neimi show the youngsters what dance means to them. Amazing. Made me cry and inspired.


Please check this movie out. It needs to be seen and they put so much heart and soul into it. The story has to be told. You will see choreography from Doug Varone, Alonzo King, Patsy Swayze and Dwight Roden. They reall sunk there teeth into the story and dialogue is almost non-existent because the dance tells it all.





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Movie was a new release this past Tuesday. I just found it at the "Movie Trading Company" in Texas. Last copy, though, it must be good. DD has been ill and unable to dance so this should cheer her up!!

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