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Movies: One Last Dance

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I watched this movied yesterday. It has some great dance segments. However, the story-line was boring. I can understand the intensity of the movie and the passion. It brings back many memories. However, my younger DD was bored with it since there wasn't much to it story wise. It was good to see Patrick and Lisa in their element and shows how talented they are. It also shows how we are all aging and that I hate to face sometimes.

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I don't understand what people are wanting from the story. I felt in my humble opinion that, hey here are 3 older dancers that shouldn't be doing it anymore but they are going to give it one more go. They have these young aspiring dancers looking up to them.


To tell you the truth, this is how my career kind of is. When I joined the company, there were two older dancers that were definetly in their twighlight, but I tried to soak up as much as they could give me and now I turn better and I feel more of an artist now because of them. This movie is by far the most accurate dance movie I have ever seen.

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Guest arabento

I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival from Netflix. I have seen posters for it and heard about it, but alas, my local Blockbuster once again does not have it in stock. They only got 2 copies and now with their no late fees policy it can take forever to see some movies. So, I bit the bullet and joined Netflix. My husband likes Akira Kurosawa movies and he can rarely find them at Blockbuster so now we are both happy. I recently rented Havana Nights and if I'm not mistaken I think that Patrick Swayze had a cameo appearance in the movie as a dance instructor. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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My copy just came in the mail today!! I will give my review :D after I watch it. DH was even interested in watching it. :o He likes Patrick Swayze and is a closet fan of Dirty Dancing. :flowers::yes:

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My mom and I just checked for it at HollyWood video. Alas, all eleven copies were checked out. :flowers: We will check again soon. :yes:

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I just finished watching this DVD. As with a lot of dance movies, it has a weak plot, but I did enjoy seeing Patrick Swayze and his wife dance together. It certainly looked like it WAS them in the dance sequences and all I can say is WOW! They are both in great shape and still quite flexible! :)

I was also happy to have the chance to see Rasta Thomas and Desmond Richardson in action, though I wish they would have shown MORE of them dancing!

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Dd and I just finished watching the movie too. Dd especially enjoyed watching George de la Pena. She loved his classes at ABT Austin a few years ago and at RDA Festival this year.

Weak plot reminded me a little of The Company. The dancing was worth watching though!

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DD has not seen it, but I did and loved it. I'm a sucker for weak plots, and interesting dancing. I had observed a couple of George De la Pena's classes at RDA this past Spring. It was neat to see him in the movie. His personality definitely comes through in the character.


I knew that Swayze was a dancer, but I had NO idea the depth of his background. I had not seen him in anything in a while. He seemed different, although he seemed as though he has not aged.

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I don't mind a weak plot.


But didn't anyone else think what dialog and acting there was ... was more than a tad over-wrought? And puhleeze - missing a performance and THEN dancing it to an "empty" house?!


I thought it needed an editor and producer to save it from itself, one who wasn't the writer/director/dancer to force it through some re-writes or something and turn it into a movie that could be enjoyed for more than the dancing scenes.


-- gotta own the grinch in me once in a while, alas :D

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I just finished watching the movie. The choreography and dancing preformed by the professional company members was nothing short of phenomenal. It is worth buying the movie just for the dance scenes. The final part of the DVD has Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi presenting a scene by scene explanation of what went into making the movie. They give the names and short bios for the choreographers and a few of dancers. This segment was enlightening and it added to my enjoyment of the movie.

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That's exactly the feeling I had after watching The Company except for different reasons. Maybe because Neve Campbell got such positive reviews. I thought she was just bad. Dd and I really enjoyed the dancing in this one and thankfully there was no animal dances... :D

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