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my feet don't move fast

Guest balletbabe24

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Hello balletbabe24, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


Speed is developed in the advanced levels through repetition of combinations at faster and faster speeds. Speed in specific beaten steps is develped through practice. There is nothing specific to do except practice, and then practice some more! Work on the steps at one tempo where you can do them, then go a little bit faster, and keep building the speed. The more work you do on your feet and the articulation of your feet in fast movements, the better. This should happen in some barre combinations in technique classes and also in pointe classes.

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If I may add, Since the question has already been addressed by a Moderator, it helps to think during Petite Allegro of beating the top of the legs (the inner thighs) instead of the feet. You still are beating the feet of course, but it helps to think more of beating the legs. It makes it easier to move faster. Good Luck! :thumbsup:


~ABTWannabe :D

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Then, of course, you could always give yourself a hotfoot, but that doesn't work well when you expect it. :thumbsup:

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Actually, beats are done with the legs, not the feet. Where the legs actually hit depends on the shape of the legs.

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