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forgive me if this is the wrong place for this


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ms. leigh-

if you can remember a few posts back, you suggested if i want to be professional in ballet i would need to go to a better school. well, i have decided to do it. though it will be hard to leave my studio and solo behind, and will probably be embarassing wherever i go, it is for the best and it is what i want to do. one question though, do you by any chance know of any good places i could go to in the cleveland, ohio area? i enrolled in summer classes at a studio in strongsville, which is pretty close to me and my teacher said there was a pre-professional place called the royal academy of dance. is this right? also, realistically, do you think it is still possible (if i change schools now) to succeed in ballet?

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Have you been to The Cleveland Ballet?


As far as determining whether it is possible for you or not, we can't do that. There is no way to know that without seeing you. Go to a professional school and see where they place you. Talk to them about your potential after they have seen your work.

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