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Hello all! I just moved to Mesa, AZ and was looking for a ballet school to start at here. I am especially interested in Scottsdale Dance Academy adult classes. Does anyone have any experienc with this school? Any other schools to recomend? I am 20 and recovering from a vertebrae fracture, so I am just looking for beginner classes to get back into the swing of things until I am fully recovered and get the O.K. from my doctor to start full force again. Thanks for any info!!!


Sarah Ann

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Sarah Ann:


I think Adams Ballet Academy in Tempe has classes for adults. Wonderful teacher. I can't say enough about her. The curriculum is RAD and I know that Mary Adams will know how to ease you back into ballet. You can PM me if you need more info.


Good Luck! :rolleyes:

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Hi Sarah, I'm in Scottsdale and I've taken at Ballet Arizona, SDA, Yen-Li's, ADams, Tempe Dance Academy, Elite Dance, and a couple of others.


Right now, SDA is on break and will resume adult classes in aug. Ditto Yen-Li's (my fave).


Ballet Arizona is on summer sched:


MW Int/Adv: 7p-8:30

TTh (adv): 9a-1030

Th (beg) : 7p-830

Sa (pilates) : 9a-10

Sa (adv) : 10-1130

Sa (beg) 12-130


Cost is $12 drop in or 8/10/20 cards ($88,$110,$200). Live accompaniment.


Adams Ballet is doing adult classes and I forget exactly the times, but it's like 6:30-8 MTTh and 7 on W (or something like that). It's RAD and it's $17.50 for a dropin.


Definitely come down to BAz. It's really crowded these days as in the summer, thye've combined classes so (like tonite) sometimes you get 30+ in a class, but it's still really good and a some of the pros are there sometimes.


if you want any more info, you can email me at evilninjax@gmail.com


oh and btw, Sabile (sp?) at Scottsdale Dance Academy is wonderful! She's asked me to partner her girls there this ocming year so I'm going to try to work that in with my normal schedule at Yen-Li's.



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