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The point of the barre

Guest SaxonBiggy

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Guest SaxonBiggy

Once you are a more senior student, what is the point of doing a full barre with full-on exercises that just tire you out? I think you should do plie, tendu, jete, ronds de jambes a terre and grands battements at the barre only. These are just for a warm-up. Then you can do the full-on exercises in the centre. If you do a full class on the barre I think you just become too dependant of it. And what's the logic behind people setting full barres and then just having petit adage, tendu/jete and grand battements in the centre? I think the barre should only be used when you're first learning something. After all, apart from Le Conservatoire, you're most likely never to use a barre on stage.

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Sax, old boy, before we can answer this really properly, we have to know a lot more about you. It's a technical question, and has to be answered on one of the student forums, but I don't know enough about you to be able to transfer it to the appropriate board. I don't know much about you except that you're male, function academically at at least secondary school level, have passed gr. 8 piano and gr. 6 violin, and are interested in composing. I don't even know how old you are, or how long you've been dancing. Why not revisit your Welcome Forum entry, and help us out with a little more personal detail?

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Saxon, the point of the barre is WAY more than just a warm up. However, it is also a warm up, and every part of the body needs to be worked properly before proceeding to center work. There is a logic and order to the barre work that not only works every joint and muscle in the body, but also TEACHES the body HOW to work in the center. Every exercise has specific reasons for its' existence, and if the barre is put together well and taught well, it is an extremely important part of beginning a class for every dancer, every day.


Ask any professional company member if they would give up barre work.......don't think you would find many willing to do that!

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(I'm answering here because it's moved to cross-talk)


To the original poster, any professional dancer would give up centre rather than giving up a full barre if faced between the choice of two. The barre is not a warm up. The entrie class warms you up and prepares you for what follows. If time is limited for some odd reason, ballet dancers do a barre, not centre on its own.


In your post, you mentioned it just tires you out. condition comes slowly and with repetition. If the barre is boring for you, then see or ask your teacher how it is connected to the centre work? I am sure for every single little thing at the barre, you will be shown how it is intrinsically linked to ballet in general. Even how you hold the barre, facing or side-way to the barre builds the correct muscles in the back for example. The placement of the writs on the barre: one example is in pas de deux. The directions you face at the baree, the half-turns and full turns at the barre, epaulement, finding your balance, etc.

So we all have something to struggle with in ballet, so try to find what makes you either work toward something (for exmaple, find 1 thing you like at the barre and work with that).


It can only help you :P

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