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Evening entertainment, ENB weekend

Mr Robin

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Just been considering evening activities over the ENB weekend, and notice that Adam Cooper's 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' is on at Sadler's Wells that weekend. Anyone fancy seeing it on the Saturday night? Tickets range from £13 to £45, and there's still a few available, but if people are up for it we should book sooner than later.


If people want to do something on Saturday but more along the food/drinks line, I'll be going to Sadler's Wells on the Friday night instead, I think, if anyone wanted to join me then.

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Hi Mr Robin,

that is a fantastic idea, although im not sure if everyone could afford to attend the performance, if tickets are the right price though??!!


I will see what my friend thinks??


A meal and drinks would be good too because everyone has a chance to chat :blink:

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Tickets in the back of the second circle at the Wells (rows M on back) are not v. expensive and have a perfectly fine view.

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There's still about forty seats left in the back rows that Ami's talking about - they're £13, which seems very reasonable to me for London!


So anyone else interested - Fish, Tara, Jenny?

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sounds good! I'm in!



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I might be able to... I'm not sure though. I would really like to but I just can't spare the money right now.. *poor*


Cassy - Meal sounds like a good idea, a nice sit down and chat!!



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well i really dont mind either way, would be nice to do something together though - maybe if not possible could split into two groups :shrug:


feeling a bit apprehensive about my visit to london now :unsure: i know its silly but i cant help it.

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Its quite understable to be nervous, but I am sure we will all be alright. Although after todays events I think a lot of visitors will all feel the same. One thing I can tell you is I be there nothing is going to stop me meeting up with you all.


Tara :unsure:

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I know what you mean, i would pretty much need to have broken legs to stop me although i would still probably come along and hang around at the back if i managed to sneak in!!! :unsure:


In reality i know we will be ok and that it is very rare to be caught up in something terrible such as these attacks, just am a little bit paranoid, think this is due to being away during the attack on the twin towers - it really brought everything home and made me think about things i have been privaleged not to have worried about before.

Lets all hope these people are caught and dealt with asap and that this maddness will end.

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I think it might be best as we will need a good sleep after saturday and rest before the sunday session!!!! :shrug:

we will be rushing to eat before the performance because we wont be finished untill about 6.30pm, everyone will want to get washed and changed before meeting up again.

But what does everyone else think?? :party:

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