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Evening entertainment, ENB weekend

Mr Robin

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Hi all


I think we're swinging towards a meal on Saturday night, which is probably the best idea in fairness - timing, chat opportunities, etc!


I'm gonna see the performance on the Friday night, though, if anyone fancies joining me?



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I'm gonna see the performance on the Friday night, though, if anyone fancies joining me?


Hi Mr Robin, just checking the Leicester Square half-price ticket booth for something else, and noticed that Liaisons Dangereuse was available for yesterday (Tuesday) at half price plus booking fee total £25. I've always found those half-price tickets are great value - you get great seats usually quite near the front (important for short-sighted me) and in dance, I really like being close in & able to see the dancers breathe/sweat!

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Knock, knock. :) First of all, I'm very envious of you all because I think this sounds like it could be really great! That said, I really hope you all will share your views on this performance with those of us on the rest of the board who either aren't involved in this forum or don't live in the UK, etc., but would love to read more about this ballet. I've started a thread on Cross Talk by way of yesterday's NY Times article and hope you all might eventually post on that thread - to share the "wealth". :thumbsup:Adam Cooper's new ballet. There endeth my appeal. :)

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Thank you!! Just PM'd you as I didn't want my moniker to hop right back on to that thread. Many thanks - very nicely done, too! :) :)

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So, what are our final plans? :thumbsup:


Any ideas for Saturday night anyone? :wink:


Can't wait!!!


Wonder what we're actually gonna be doing on the choreographic session though.




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Ooooo I'm sooo excited!


My friend is coming along as well (I think some of you met her from last time!), I don't know London that well... so I think one of our fellow Londoners should decide where we meet and eat as they probably know the best places to go :devil:


Ooo what leotard should I wear!!!



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Speaking of faces to names, it could be hard if we don't have a rough idea of what the others look like! So I'm a big bloke (6'1"/well built) with very short dark hair. Not sure what I'll be wearing (depends how warm it is!) but will be carrying a black and red rucksack. Come and introduce yourselves when you spot me!


So I guess we'll be heading off for the meal straight from ENB on Saturday. Am I right to presume that they have changing rooms/showers there?


Look forward to meeting everyone very soon!



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Yup there are changing rooms and the one I change in for class on Tuesday has a shower how good it is I don't know !!!!!


Roll on Saturday



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See you all there tomorrow. I'm blonde 165 cm (5'6") with the trace of an Australian accent. Prolly wearing grey knitted shorts warm-ups.

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I'm 5'7", blonde hair... not sure what i'm wearing yet! - I've got to bring a big enough bag for my dance stuff but not too big so I have to carry it round all evening! - I'll probably have a knitted all in one warm-up on :yucky:



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