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Evening entertainment, ENB weekend

Mr Robin

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I am really going to miss out :P


I have been looking forward to meeting all of you and dancing all weekend too, since the last ENB day :dry:


Due to a recent injury im unable to attend - i cant risk further damage :P

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tara - there will be another time!!!

we will meet eventually :dry:


hope you all have a great weekend - im so jealous :yawn:


please all post afterwards so i get some idea of how much i have missed :P


happy dancing :P

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Hi Cassy


I'm so sorry you couldn't make it - what a terrible time to get injured! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, though, and I'm sure that there'll be another chance for us all to get together soon.


Robin x

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Thanks Jen and mr Robin,

Heard you had a good time.

I was so miserable at the weekend, since there are no regular ballet classes over summer, i had planned to get my fix at the ENB weekend, thinking it would tide me over till next term!!

Oh well, i have done no exercise for over a week and i tell you its not nice :D


I had some ultra sound for my knees and was delighted not to be told not to dance :rolleyes:


Glad you all enjoyed the weekend please post more about it??

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