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Has anyone looked to see their child’s schedule for the fall?  I am trying to understand what level my child is in based on the class description in the schedule.  

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I'm not sure exactly which "class description in the schedule" you are referring to, but there are levels 1-6; HS freshman and sophomore will be somewhere in Levels 1-3, and HS junior/senior as well as college students will be somewhere between 4-6, based on the academic class schedule, I don't think there is any exception to this rule. There is no specific description of these levels on their website though. Basically though if you look at HS program course description (like DAN 0011) they are for Levels 1-3, and college courses are for Levels 4-6, that's my understanding. 

Last year ballet technique classes during the first whole week were dedicated to the level placement, but this year, due to the pandemic, it was announced that the levels are predetermined.  


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From the 6/30/20 info session FAQ for School of Dance, it states: "Students have been pre-placed according to audition notes (new students) and faculty discussion (returning students). Placement will be adjusted during the first week of classes; faculty will zoom into classes to look and make sure the placement/level is correct." For Contemporary students it states: "For this year only (because of scheduling limitations), new contemporary high school students will be placed in their own ballet level, and new contemporary college students will be placed in their own level.  Second, third and fourth year students will move up a level from last year's placement."

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And I forgot to add that the UNCSA School of Dance Info Session #2 for admitted students is scheduled for Monday, Aug 3. You'll receive a link to join. 

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