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Guest lazer.star

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You asked if location is important. I do think, if there is a school that is only 3 hours away, that you should highly consider it, especially if there are financial considerations. It was not really an option for us, being in the Midwest, and my daughter is two plane flights away. The advantages to consider: being able to go home on a weekend (when there is no rehearsal scheduled), your being able to drive her to auditions that are off campus, the whole family can attend performances without spending a fortune, etc. etc.

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Ed McPherson

I hate to be a cheerleader, but do feel compelled to suggest the Interlochen Arts Academy, in Northern Michigan...






If you have specific questions let me know :D good luck!


PS If I could offer people looking at year round training away from home one piece of advice it would be make every effort possible to go to the schools you are considering. They all offer professional training, but their cultures and enviroments are all unique. The cost to visit, is only a fraction of the tuition, and a good investment at that.

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Guest TootsiePop

I'm not a parent, so delete this if its not allowed.


Can you get sent home if you are not meeting expectations at any time in the year at ncsa? Just wondering! I will be going next year (I passed the audtion, and sent in all the applications, and as long as the applications are approved) as a freshman. I was at the festival too!

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TootsiePop - I don' t think you need fear being sent home mid year - the only time I have heard of that at residency schools is for a serious rules violation (or by mutual decision relative to an injury/illness needing a long recuperation period). But not for not meeting expectations or improving fast enough. You will hear of students leaving mid-stream - but because they are miserable for one reason or another or decide that this is not what they want, and they withdraw.


GENERALLY at schools like NCSA and Harid, there are periodic reviews, conferences, grades, - and also a formal "probabtion" category, which would give student/parents a serious head-ups that the student may not be invited back uless issues are favorably resolved. There may always be an out-of-the-blue exception, a last minute change -- but that is usually how it works.


If things seem to be going along well enough in your classes, I don't think you need to overly worry about this at your new school.


Enjoy - I think it is a very exciting campus with opportunity to see what students in the other performing and visual arts are doing as well. :rolleyes:

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Guest ballerinababe88

Syr--I would love for you to email me so I can ask you specific questions about NCSA as you seem to be the only one who has personal experience there. Thanks steuart@cfw.com

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Guest steuart

Syr--I didn't realize that I was logged in as my DD! The most recent post was me!


Ed--WE did look at Interlochen but it is 3 planes away for us, and that's too far...so DD withdrew her application. Mayabe they can open a campus in the south...

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steuart - not sure if my email to you went through. You are welcome to email me at syr@danceart.net (or at the other addy if you received the message), and I will share what info/perspective I have from one student's experience. -- syr

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Guest DerfDude04

I was just wondering if anyone on here has been (or knows a boy) who has been to North Carolina School of the Arts year-round as a ballet focus. I'm interested in finding information about the program and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. For example, info on the men's classes, pas classes, levels...etc. Thanks!

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My daughter is a 10th grader year-round. The class schedules are different, depending upon your age (8-10th grade :lower division, 11th grade-college: upper division) and your level within your division. There are four levels in each division.


There are about 8 boys in the lower division this year and about 12 boys in the upper division. There are approximately 65 girls in each division. All boys have men's class and then depending upon their division/level might also have partnering.


If you would like to talk to some boys at the school, you can PM me and give me your email and I will have my daughter get a couple of her male friends to answer your questions.

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Hi, I have a friend that went to NCSA. He isnt on Ballettalk yet but I'll see what sort of convincing I can do. :innocent:


I know he liked it. I went to a boarding school for ballet too, my suggestion to the people I know audition for year round programs is to look at more than one, or at least take their auditions!!! Each of the schools NCSA, Walnut Hill, Interlochen, Harid, VSA, and Idyllwild have their own distinct approachs and goals, its good to think about which one will best suit you at your level and the direction you want to move in.


actually my friend is from the Philly area maybe you will know him.

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Guest DerfDude04

Thank you both so much for responding. I have a friend at NCSA year-round but I was just wondering if anyone else personally had an expirence or knew about it. She knows about the men's program but I know that she hasn't expirenced it so I wanted to hear information about stuff like that. Thanks though for offering! :sweating:

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Hey! I was at NCSA last year and loved it! I am not a guy so I can't tell you from a male's persepective, but all of the guys seemed to like it alot. You take ballet technique with the girls everyday, and then you'll usually have a mens class, pas class, or both in addition to technique. Then there are also the rehearsals and modern classes as well. Its a great school with lots of nice people. The academics aren't too bad, as long as you can find time to get all your work done! I would suggest going to their summer program and that way you can see if you like it enough to stay year round.

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