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Black leos (any style) and pink tights (under leos) for all ballet classes. Contemporary classes allow some leeway. They can wear colored leos for rehearsals.

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So when going to the SI audition, you DON'T need any photos?

What if you wanted to audition for the year-round program as well? Do you need anything different than for just the SI audition?

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You can fill out the paperwork when you get to the audition and submit the fee(s) for summer and/or school year at that time and then if she is "recommended for acceptance" at the end of the audition you can start on getting together letters of recommendation and pictures for the next part of the acceptance process. We filled out the application and mailed in the fees and pictures a few weeks before however when we heard from the school to say they received the application and money they had not received the pictures. Same envelope, not sure what happened there. Guess we'll be sending those again... Merde to you on your audition!!

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Ok, silly question, buuut.... :flowers:


Is the "check-in" time when the audition starts, or when registration starts? I'm assuming registration, but I'd rather not assume. :D

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That is when registration starts. The people doing your audition will have forms for you to fill out, etc. The audition starts as soon as everyone has gotten numbers and is ready to go.

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:yes: Would any BT parents of students at NCSA, please confirm that Kee Juan Han is a faculty member at the school??? My DS is interested in a specific SI and he is listed as a teacher for the summer program in Italy. I would appreciate any info. You can PM me!





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Mr. Han will be teaching at the NCSA summer course. He will then be teaching at Ms. Holmes Italy program, which occurs after the NCSA course is over.


Mr. Han is a faculty member for the year-round program as well. He's a GREAT teacher and ranks among my daughter's very favorites! :yes:

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Guest usnrnret

I appreciate all the info about NCSA. I have intensively studied this school as my daughter has decided that next year she MUST transfer to a residential program if she hopes to become a professional. She is currently dancing at a very high quality studio in our town, but she now ranks as the number one dancer there and thus the classes are no longer challenging enough for her. Also, she and I both feel she needs more instruction daily, different types of classes including partnering and variations, and a variety of teachers to offer her multiple opinions and corrections.

We are considering NCSA and UBA in D.C. She is leaning towards UBA as it seems many of these dancers go on to professional careers. I am unable to determine from NCSA how many of their dancers go on to the big companies (ABT, Boston, PNB).

Can someone tell me what the classical training is like at NCSA. My daugher is not interested in contemporary, modern, etc but strictly classical and Balanchine. Currently, she has studied only Vaganova technique. It would be nice to introduce her to Balanchine which I am pretty sure UBA does not do.

Given my choice, I would choose NCSA as it is closer(we are in virginia, 3 hours from D.C.), not to mention less expensive. I would also consider moving to NC if she attended this school.


Any help you can give me about the training and the future of the dancers would be appreciated.

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Take a look back through this thread. Many of your questions have been answered.


11/15/2005 - Information on establishing residency in NC to qualify for free tuition.


10/1/2005 - Information on where grads for the last couple of years are dancing. In addition, Boston, Joffrey and NCDT should be added to that list for recent grads. Too early to make any comments about this year. But, several offers have already been made, including at least one on your 'big company' list. Currently, ABT STudio Co. is in residence at the school and will be here for another two weeks. They are performing alongside NCSA students in Raymonda at the end of this month and taking classes and rehearsing with them as well.


As for training, all students in the upper school (11th grade thru college) take two modern classes a week. This is essential for any serious pre-pro student, as most ballet companies are presenting a varied rep these days, that contains contemporary works.


The teachers at NCSA teach in a variety of styles, which I think is a real asset in helping to turn out versatile dancers. There are a large number of former ABT soloists on staff: Cordell, Spizzo, Conover and Smith. Former Boston Soloist: Han. Vaganova/Kirov: Danilova. Balanchine/NYCB: Hayden. Nederlands Dance: Dean McCullough. This year they have had guest teachers in residence for several weeks at a time that include Anna Marie Holmes, formerly of Boston and Clara Cravey, formerly of Houston.

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Hi, I am considering NCSA as a year round program and I was wondering how competitive it is.

How many dancers do they normally take in the high school age? Is it possible to be recommended for dance but turned away because of academics?

I was reviewing their website, trying to squeeze out all information that I can, but I don't understand this "online application." If you want to audition for their year round program, how do you apply ahead of time? I seem to be missing something here! :lol: Can anyone explain the audition process to me?

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Hi, kat789,


This thread is 7 pages long and although it has been awhile since I've read it in its entirety, I think at least a few, if not all, of your questions have been addressed. Please take a little time and review all the information that has been collected here. If not all your questions are answered, please do feel free to post a request for more information. :lol:

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After a couple re-reads of this post, I will admit that yes my questions have been answered. However, after I read this thread I do have a few more questions that I happened to think of. :yes: I understand that you can audition either by video or live. I am within a short driving distance to NCSA but the only audition I can attend is the 2nd to last one (May 12). Would it be better to send a video or wait until May? Earlier in this thread I read that the quicker you audition the less likely you will be placed on a waiting list. The video would require more work for me (preparing a solo) but if it's worth it then I will take my chances. The other dilemna is that my studio director strongly discourages NCSA because she feels they have a problem with anorexia. From what I have heard, I do not believe this problem is as big as she says, and nearly every residence program addresses the issue. If you think it would be a better idea to do a video, I would extremely appreciate a link or a small list of 1-2 min. variations so I can decide which would suit me. Thanks

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I would suggest sending a video to minimize the risk that they will have filled their slots for your age group by the time you audition in May. You can also call and request to audition in a regular class at the school. We know several who have done this successfully. They will have you take class with existing students in a level that seems to be suited to your age/experience.


As for the issues about EDs, I think you are right that this is a prevalent problem anywhere young dancers are training in a highly competitive environment. As for NCSA, they do take some steps to try to minimize the problem and increase awareness. Every summer, dance parents get a letter from the Wellness Center with an article about brittle bones and the dangers of poor nutrition and eating disorders. Parents are encouraged to be alert and watch for signs of problems. At the beginning of each trimester (3 times a year) all dance students must go individually for a health screening. It includes weight (taken in kgs to reduce the risk that they can figure it out) body fat measurements and a questionnaire on eating habits. Those who are of concern in any of these areas are called in to speak with the nutritionist and physician. Depending on the issues, many are seen throughout the year and monitored. So, they take a proactive stance and I think do more offensively than most programs.

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