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Trial at another studio

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Hi just to give you my background. I've been dancing for three months plus and am currently doing RAD Inter-Foundation in a kids' class. I'm not en pointe of course but the barrework is ok, as for centre work I can do the steps mostly but am still struggling to learn the combinations.


As I have less foundation/years dancing than my classmates, I've been looking around for a non-syllabus class at an easier level. I am going for a beginner class which the studio described as RAD Grade 3/4 level which sounds ok for an adult, difficult enough to be interesting but not easy enough to be learning plies. They have even more basic classes but they clash with work (it's hard to find weekend classes for adults). So I'm nervous but excited and worried that I would be unable to keep up with the others as I'm used to repeating exercises week after week.


Reflecting back on my experience, when I started I was super ethusiastic, spent a ton on ballet stuff (which I now feel foolish about) etc. Now I have cooled down a little because my right foot is worrying me. (no swelling/bruise or visible injury but I feel pain sometimes in the bottom of my foot and near my ankle) Is this normal?


I also wonder if I can stay on in the kids' class especially if I go en pointe on day. As the only adult, I find things a bit challenging for my ageing body at times(I'm 26 and my classmates are 10-13). But they don't have syllabus classes for adults alone...if I ever do pointe, I would have to take things super slow and easy while my classmates have no fear and like to walk around en pointe...

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Hi Sakura,

Are there no adult classes in your area?


I personally would not have a problem taking class with younger students but you miss out on forming relationships with other adults with the same intrests and passion. I gain so much from my classes - even though i have been taking class for a year, im still a beginner and the other students have been taking ballet most of their lives - some 17 years plus!!!


You do motivate and encourage each other, give each other tips and help each other out with combinations, also you can discuss life in general and just recently I have been organising trips to ENB in london and performances too :blink:


I know how hard it is being a beginner, the class i attend is aimed at intermediate going on to advanced 1!!! :blink:


The class is very well tailored to each student, although we have the luxury of small class sizes.


Maybe you should speak to your teacher about your injury, perhaps they can see if there is something particular you ar doing or not doing to cause this and even a visit to the doctor??!


Take it easy for now, you dont want to make the injury any worse.

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The new beginner class will be with adults. Hopefully, there will be a few 50 year olds as promised by the studio admin and the class will go at a reasonable pace!

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