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Does anyone have any information on this program or auditioning for the year? Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. Also, do they have a trainee/apprentice program?

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Hello Allegrodancer,

Would you like to hear from a teacher or a student?


You would also be welcome to call the BalletMet Dance Academy at (614) 224-1672 and speak to Pat, Chris, or Daryl. They can answer any official questions you have.


Unfortunately, our new schedule has not been posted on our website yet, but the advanced level is by audition only, and you'd have to call to schedule one. We do have both a Trainee & Apprentice program, and those are usually filled by now.


There are some of our year-round students on this board, and whenever they get back on, I'm sure they will be glad to answer any other questions you have!!


Feel free to ask me whatever you'd like- I am a teacher for BalletMet among other things!!


Hope that helps!


Clara 76

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Thank you, Clara 76. I am currently at SAB's Summer Course, but I will call as soon as I can.


It sounds as if it would not be possible for me to audition for a Trainee/Apprentice position?

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I know that this thread is really old, but I have some questions about ballet met's pre pro year-round program and this seems like the only place to ask it. So, here's my questions: How many people are in the pre-pro program? Is the program very selective? What is the general age of the dacers that attend? How would a high school student finish his/her education? Sorry, I know that that was quite a few questions. Answers to any or all of these questions would be very, very appreciated. I am trying to decide if I should attend the year-round program, which determines if I should attend the SI. Thanks!!!

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I also have a question. I'm graduating from high school this year and I am considering this program as well as college programs. With the intensity of the program, would it be possible to also attend college part-time?

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I have read the threads for Ballet Met summer program and they have tons of information. Dd and I do however need more info on the pre-pro as dd is accepted for the fall...it is decision time and was curious how many people are in the higher levels of the program and or how is it leveled...is it considered a conservatory program....is there individualized attention and/or coaching???

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bettyboo, if you don't mind me asking... Reading these threads I noticed that your daughter has many offers for the upcoming school year. I was wondering if she auditioned during company/summer auditions or actually travelled to the location. I'm kind of in the same boat right now but all the offers that I got were summer offers and as you know thats not a guarantee of anything.

congrats to your dd!!!

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I'm really sorry that I missed this thread.....


Your best bet for information regarding the year-round Pre-Pro division is to call Susan Brooker, Academy Director. She has revamped things and honed them quite finely, which is a wonderful thing for those who will be in the program, but unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of first-hand information since Susan Brooker has only been in the position for not quite 1 season yet!


I can speak to the growth and development that I have seen from the kids in the past year, and it is certainly leaps and bounds. I've seen 2 young ladies who perhaps wouldn't have grabbed attention 7 months ago, blossom into mature clean, poised, beautiful, company-ready performers. I'm quite pleased.


But of course, I understand that this is coming from me, and you all would certainly like an outsider's opinion. I wish I could offer that.... :(


If anyone happens to be out there who has been involved with the Pre-Pro Division wants to comment......please do!

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Clara76 - thanks for the input on the prepro program....however, I'm so delighted to say that my dd has been offered and taken a spot in a second company of a very respected mid-sized company. This past audiiton season was very pivotal for her and while the offer at Ballet Met was tempting, it didn't come up to the offer she accepted....so fingers crossed for a sucessful first year for my dd as she is "hopefully" on the bridge to a career. It is great to know that Ballet Met has such a hands on program, thanks to Susan Booker..that is very impressive to see.

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Angela -


My dd did most of her SI auditions at her school where she is in residency.....for Ballet Met she traveled to Hartford, CT. All 5 of her college auditions were done in person. The spot she has in the fall came from her auditioning for the SI and being told on the spot she would be recommended for the second company after attending in the summer. As this was a year that she had to make all the big decisions - companies or college, we called the ballet school that made the offer and flew there to take a class to have her evaluated for viability for the fall...she was then asked to take company class so that the AD and key faculty could observe her. Thankfully they seemed to like what they saw and she was offered a spot in the professional/fellowship program which operates like a 2nd company. I would have to say that my dd would be considered "company ready" after having spent the last 2 years in residency where the students there spend 30 plus hours a week in the studio perfecting their technique and artistry. I would have to say that coming from a conservatory has really given her the edge she needed to make the transition. I would say to secure a place in the fall.... do call the schools you are interested in, see if you can go there if you have the time and money , and take a class to see what they have to say. I agree totally that one can not wait until August to be told yes or no to the fall program, as it is basically too late to change plans at that point. I wish you all the best at this very critical point in your path to your dream....I hope this helps.

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Congratulations bettyboo!! Your daughter must be quite talented to have had so many options!!

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bettyboo, I'm sorry I did not notice that you replied. Thanks for the advice, that is probably what I'll end up doing. Although flying is expensive it isnt nearly as bad as summer programs. :thumbsup:

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I was blessed to have Susan Brooker as a teacher in CT before I decided to pursue other things as a result of injuries. She is truly a gift!

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I'm hoping someone will be able to update on the current "graduates" (if any) in this program and what their plans are for next year. If they have company positions, please let us know if those are trainee, apprentice, corp and then male/female. This information helps others track the true success of the program from year to year.

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