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They try to place them with local host families if they are still in high school and wouldn't get apartments of their own.

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I've been reading different threads about host families for high school age students in year-round programs, both pros and cons. Could any of you with experience as to how it works with BalletMet share with me any specifics. Typical cost range, for example. Is online homeschooling being done or are there local high schools open to working with the scheduling issues for a student in a pre-pro program? Approximately how many high school students are in the pre-pro program and are from out of the area? Do you feel you have worked out the kinks in the program?



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About housing-

I believe it is all host family at this time. I know that the host families are usually families with children in the academy. I'll let others answer your questions, because I think it is helpful for parents to hear from other parents!! The majority of the kids in the Pre-Pro Program are local students. I don't know the exact numbers though.


I know that schooling can take the form of homeschooling, and I have also known of kids who went to local high schools.

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At one time we were considering being a host family at BalletMet and the pre-pro student was going to attend one of the local high schools (a very good one) and get early release (I think it was around 1pm). The student ended up staying at the program she was in and didn't come to BalletMet so can't say I have actual experience as a host family, though.

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I'm really curious about the Pre-Pro year round... I just got accepted, and would love some more information before making decisions!

Is it basically a post-grad program, or is it high schoolers as well? I'm graduating this year... how many of the year round students are still in high school?

Do the students who aren't in high school still stay with a host family? Or is there the option of other housing? (or just renting an apartment/whatever)

The brochure mentioned 6 hours of dancing per day. Is it formatted similarly to the summer intensive? Also, do I have to attend the summer intensive if I want to attend the year round? The dates of the SI aren't great for me, but I think since I'm technically already accepted to the year round, I wouldn't have to go to the SI, right?

Any other details and stories about the year round program would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance. :]

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The Pre-Pro year-round program has some kids who are still high school ages, but it is mostly senior year or homeschooled students. The Pre-Pro training program is by invitation/audition only, so is limited to those that we feel may be a good fit some day for either our professional company, or others. The next step up from there is into the company level as a Trainee.


I am not certain of the living arrangements, but I would imagine that if a student is 18 or over, she/he can rent an apartment, or opt to stay with a host family. I'd guess that if the student were under 18, there may be some legal reason for having to be with a host family or something.


You can e-mail Susan Brooker or call the studio to ask!


I think the website spells it out pretty well:



And no, you do not have to attend the SI in order to come for year-round!

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I just saw your reply, Clara 76... thanks so much!

One more question... where are the grads? Do a lot of them go on to be BalletMet apprentices/trainees/corps members?

Thanks again!

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2 years ago, there were 3 Trainee offers made to female BalletMet grads. 1 accepted, and 2 went to college. There were several other female grads who opted to join contemporary ballet companies, 1 male who went into a post-grad training program, and another male who ended up joining HBII and then Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.


The 1 female who accepted was given a full company contract last season and is in her 2nd full year of dancing professionally past her Traineeship. Of the remaining 3 Trainees from last year, 1 was taken into the company.


Last season, I don't think there were graduates from the pre-pro program. They were all younger in age :)

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My dd was accepted into the summer and year round program pre-pro program. I am looking for advice on apartments for the upcoming year. I am looking for a safe place which is nice that would not require a year long lease. I would also like for her to have a roommate since she is 18 and her first year away from home. If you have rented I would love any info on the neighborhoods etc. since we are not from that area. Also, if your dd is looking for a roomate I would love to hear from you.

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New information on this past season's grads:

1 female- Carolina Ballet Trainee

1 female- Richmond Ballet Trainee

1 female- Houston Ballet top level of school (student is not of graduating age but has trained here for 6 years)

1 male- 2010- Hamburg Ballet School (trained here 3 years)

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Clara 76 - do you know if there are still host family options for those invited to the year round program? I will be talking with Christina Rogers on Thursday, but just trying to get an idea of the housing situation for year round kids. My dd will be 18 by summer. Thank you in advance for any info you might have.

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I've been accepted to the pre-professional program and am wondering what are the typical ages of students in the pre-pro program? I would be 16 at the start of the year and turn 17 a couple months later. Most of this info on this thread is older and I would assume that things might have changed a bit. :) Also, approximately what percentage of students are from out of town?

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KMBdancer - my dd also received scholarships to both programs and will be staying for year round. She just turned 18 and we live in Phoenix, AZ. I would like to hear more info too!

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lorimac13- How exciting! My mom is going to e-mail them with a bunch of questions. It looks like a really solid program! It's nice to hear from a out of town dancer staying for the year! I'm still deciding if I'll stay year round, we just found out I was accepted!

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Congratulations - keep us posted and if you don't mind sharing the response to the questions, I'd love to hear!!

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