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Does anyone know the schedule for the Pre-professional students attending year-round? Are the classes all day or are the broken up with some in the morning and others in the evening with a long break in the middle of the day? How many hours per day are they in class? is it possible for pre-pros to get part-time jobs in the evening/weekends or does the schedule not permit this? Are there opportunities beyond Nutcracker to perform with the company? Thank you!

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-For the pre-pro schedule, usually there are two classes in the morning (starting at 9:15am, 11:00am or 12:00pm and lasting about 3hrs) and three classes in the evening (starting at 3:15 or 3:30 lasting about 2-3 hours). The schedule has 45min, 1hr, or 1.5hrs of break between the morning and evening classes.

-There are between 5 and 6.5 hours of dancing per day.

-I don't know anything about getting a job, but from what I can tell, there is a lot of dancing everyday! I was told that Nutcracker rehearsals are during Saturday afternoons and Sundays (not sure what time).

-Opportunity to performing with the company is "cast according to ability at the discretion of BalletMet faculty" (from a packet we received from BalletMet).


If you are seriously considering attending, be sure to contact BalletMet and ask to see a schedule or whatever you'd like to know. My mom was able to get a schedule and lots of other information about the program by asking through e-mail.

**Just to clarify, I am not currently training at BalletMet but have brochures and schedules which is where I am getting all of this information. :) I believe all of this info is current and true, but if not, I'm sorry to cause any confusion!

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I am currently in a program in which I receive very little personal attention, and was wondering if anyone had updated info on BalletMet's year-round program, especially the Pre-Professional level. How large are classes? How are the teachers in terms of one-on-one corrections and how distributed are these corrections? Does a lot of favoritism occur? Any info would help!

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I'm curious about BalletMet and how the company will be changing with its new director and how it will effect the school. Was there a new school director as well. How has the new leadership been going? Liang seems to be an amazing choreographer

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Mr Liang is a wonderful choreographer and has brought quite a bit of innovation and energy to the company. He is committed to the academy and moving it forward as well. He choreographed a new full length version of Cinderella that featured 40+ students in each performance. He will be doing another one, Sleeping Beauty, for the 15-16 season. BalletMet did get a new academy director this year, Mr Timothy Lynch who came from PNB. The academy is undergoing a transition right now to gradually reflect the style of the company while still offering first class ballet training. My understanding is that levels are being rewritten for 15-16 year and that scholarship criteria is also being altered. Families have been told that these changes will occur but details have not yet been shared. Any time an organization undergoes large scale change there are hiccups along the way, but the overall direction is quite exciting. If you would like any more specific information, feel free to PM me.

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That sounds amazing! I see wonderful things for BalletMet. I hope one day my DD can be part of such a program.

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My DD ws recently accepted to the trainee program and I curious about how the program is going this year (15-16). Can anyone report on the trainee program: how many hours the trainees dance (ballet, modern, other)? performance opportunities? do any trainees get promoted to the 2nd company?

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I answered on the trainee program thread. :)

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