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Really nervous any help?

Guest get-the-pointe

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Guest get-the-pointe

Next week I have an evaluation the only catch is that it is by myself! I have never had a evaluation by myself before, just me and my instructor, and am absolutely terrified! I've always done well in auditions and evaluations but I was with other dancers then and was only asked to do a maybe a step or two by myself! I know that my fear is unreasonable but I've had a, um, strange relationship with this teacher and really don't want to disapoint her!


Has anyone ever had this case of nerves, (I know this is a silly question) but how did you deal with it/ prepare for it?

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Well, the purpose of an evaluation with your teacher would be to learn what the teacher feels you have accomplished this year, and what you need to work on in the coming year. So, what is there to be nervous about? :angry:


In terms of preparing for it, if you have any questions about how you are working or what you need to do to make it better, write them down. Make a list of things you want to ask the teacher. That is what she/he is there for! :blushing:

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Guest get-the-pointe

I'm just worried that I won't do as well as I can and get put back a level. I really want to move up because I feel I have finally become stronger on pointe (a major factor in level 7). I think part of my nervousness is from a very active imagination.


I love evaluations though because your teacher tells you what to improved, class sugestions, ect.

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