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Mom helping too much?

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Guest GrandeBattement

First off, my mom is not a dancer, took a few classes in her late teens and then quit because she didn't like it. I have asked her to be honest about what I need to work on when I ask her, and she has told me so I have been concentrating on it. My teachers have told me that it's gotten better, and today, she came to see me, and she said, without me even asking, that I still needed to work on it and she started analyzing everything about me and what I still needed to "reach my goal". I feel weird about this, because shouldn't my teacher know better than my mom? My teachers have said that what I'm concentrating on has gotten better. Then she went into other personal issues like my weight- all for my benefit, she says. I know she wants to help me,but I feel that her criticism is hurting me. Like, things I know I do well, she doesn't even notice. I don't know who to look to for advice, and it's really bothering me :shrug:

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I think it might be a good idea to have a good talk with your Mom, and explain, VERY nicely of course, that you are concentrating on the things the teachers are asking of you, and would appreciated it if she would talk to the teachers first before talking to you about anything. The teachers will then explain to her what they are working on, and hopefully, maybe with a little hint ahead of time from you, tell her that they think it is best if she does not try to help because students often do not accept advice on things like this from their parents. And of course you must NEVER ask her, at least not in the foreseeable future! :shrug:

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My mom always wants to mix into my business too since she was the one who had the idea of letting me audition for a professional school. If I havent had her I would still be at the Dolly Dinkle studio I was from ages 3-8.

But I do not like the way she sometimes wants to control me- she has no idea of ballet- only was a fan all her life- and I am 15 and not a baby anymore. So sometimes I just tell her I am old enough to know what I am doing and for ballet questions I have my teachers. Sometimes my mum is so pushy. She would want me to audition for a real big ballet company like Royal Ballet but I and my teachers told her it was much too early for that yet.

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