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Ballet Schools in Georgia - Columbus

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The title says it all. Today, one of the girls at dd's intensive announced that Friday (yes, as in tomorrow) is her last day, as her family is moving to Columbus, GA. She said her mom told her there are no dance studios there. I googled about a dozen in Columbus, but it's hard to tell from a name. Any suggestions of a good place to study? This child is a young one -- about 9 ot 10, but she's had decent training so far. I think that having a name or two of good places to dance might make the move a little easier! Thanks!

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I'm assuming since you're posting here, she wants a ballet based studio. I will do some searching to find out where a friend's DD goes. I know of several competition Jazz studios which are very good there, but don't know of ballet studios. Will get back with you.



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There is a Columbus Ballet which was started in 1995. I have no references for it, just a web search but I would assume it would be the place to start. She might call Atlanta Ballet to see if they have any recommendations of teachers in that area.


As well, her mom should search out teachers in Phenix City, Smiths Station & Callaway as well, they are bordering communities less than 30 minutes away. And for later years, she's about an hour 15 minutes from our studio.



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How far is that from Alpharetta? Very good school there, as well as the one where vj's daughter studies!

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Guest ivy'smama

I would say Columbus is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Alpharetta. You would have to be extremely serious about ballet for that to be feasible! I'm a couple of hours from Columbus, but have never really heard anything about ballet schools there. I've never really looked, though.

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You might want to look at the LaGrange Ballet and the Auburn Ballet, both towns will be about the same distance from Columbus. Although Auburn is in Alabama and you'd have to work with the time change. I believe both schools have websites that you can google.

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We used to live in Columbus and our daughter danced with the Columbus Ballet. Originally, they had a studio called The Ballet Workshop and they started the Columbus Ballet out of it. Their names were Maria Hirsch and Beth Griffin.


A year before we moved away, Columbus University bought or combined with Columbus Ballet. Our experience with Columbus Ballet was wonderful. You should be able to find out more about it by searching for Columbus State University. Last I checked they had a link to the Columbus Ballet.




It's called Columbus State University Ballet Conservatory now.

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Hi- I’m not sure if this is the place for this. Please re-direct me if not. I’m looking for ballet classes in the Midland, GA area. I understand I may not be able to have review type recommendations and that’s fine. We can do the visits and research on our own. We have a 6yo girl who is desperate for ballet classes but Atlanta Ballet sites are way too far. We have tried two area schools that did not work out and do not know of any more. We are willing to drive up to 40-45mins from Midland, GA to get her to classes. 

Thanks so much


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