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Heinz Bosl Stiftung--Munich Ballet Academy

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Is anyone familiar with the Heinz Bosl Stiftung (Munich Ballet Academy) in Germany? I am seeking information about the training there, who teaches there, and what a student's schedule for study would be like there? Where do its dancers go after they complete the course? Any information that you can provide would be appreciated.


Thank you for your time.

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I used to have a friend on the faculty there, but many years ago...it has the reputation of being quite Vaganova, it that is any help.

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There is a lot of information on the web. The programme is validated by the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München. http://www.musikhochschule-muenchen.mhn.de...gen/ballett.htm (there is more but this brings you directly to the ballet link).


It is a very competitive programme and the academy works closely together with the prestigious Staatsballet München. One of my teachers who trained at Royal Ballet School has danced with that company for a couple of years.

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Thank you for your answers vrsfanatic and Dance_Scholar_London.


I used the link that Dance_Scholar_London posted. I had already explored the school's web page Since I am dependant on an internet translation site for reading German, I wondered whether I was correct in that there is a separate division for over 16 year old students? The HBS school says they do a lot of performances....does anyone know if they are primarily ballet or combined ballet/modern?


We are taking a serious look at this school and any information that anyone has would really be appreciated.

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It says that there is a upper division (girls 16-18, and boys up to 21), the last year is called Theaterklasse (theatre class) and focusses intensively on repertoire. Bosl Stiftung is among the big classical ballet schools - students will focus primarily on ballet but will have character, tap and jazz as well (as most other ballet schools do as well)

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The Bosl- Stiftung is Vaganova- based but Limon and Graham- Technique are also taught.


As far as I know Jazz or Tap were never taught.


There is a strong connection with the Staatsballett, which has a very diverse repertoire, so the students in the upper level get to perform pretty frequently.


If you need any help translating the website, let me know, I'm german and happy to help. :clover:



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Hi again!

Thank you Dance_Scholar_London and Kerstin for the information on Heinz Bosl Stiftung.


You are right Kerstin, I am having a terrible time translating from the German. Perhaps I will contact you later when I have more specific questions. Unfortunately, the web page does not give sample schedules or names of instructors (or if it does, I am not able to find them because I do not read German). I guess those would be my main questions at this point.


Again, thanks so much for your suggestions and input. And Kerstin, I noticed that you are new to Ballet Talk so welcome. I hope you will share your expertise with all of us.

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Hi Renata,


thanks for the friendly welcome!


You can find a complete list of all teachers at the Musikhochschule under "Allgemeine Infos", then click on "Lehrerverzeichnis".


The most wellknown teachers are maybe Konstanze Vernon, Kirill Melnikov and Gudrun Sutherland.

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just found a complete list of all teachers:



Prof. Michelle Emerre (Modern)

Prof. Caroline Llorca (Klassisch)

Prof. Kyrill Melnikov (Pas de deux)

Prof. Hans-Joachim Metz (Klassisch)

Dmitri Sokolov (National/Charakter)

Prof. Heidemarie Högl (Grundstufe Klassisch)

Hanna Miller (Mittelstufe Klassisch)

Prof. Gabriela Nicolescu (Grundstufe Klassisch)

Gudrun Sutherland (Grundstufe Klassisch)

Tatjana Vogler-Nemtseva (Vorstufe)

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You will find all the information and more under the link that I provided (it is the link of the musikhochschule and not the HBS itself).

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You have to look for 'Oberstufe', not 'Grundstufe' or 'Mittelstufe' as this will be a different level

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Again, thank you Kirsten and Dance_Scholar_London for helping me to navigate the site. I have located the list of teachers and I am attempting to go through the site, step by step and to find different bits of information. Thanks.

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I recently met someone who attended this school. There are about 42 students in the professional division and the class size is kept quite small so that most of the girls classes have no more than 10 students in them. They study technique, pointe, pas de deux, character and modern (3 times a week for modern, I think). And most of the students receive grants from the Heinz Bosl Stiftung, which is a kind of foundation, so that it is very competitive to get in.


A school with such small classes sounds pretty interesting to me so I wonder if anyone knows any more about it.

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The thing I know about it is that it is one of the few top notch professional ballet schools in Germany having a very high reputation and producing top notch dancers dancing in companies all around the world. Classical ballet is the main focus of the school but- typically european- they incorporate a lot of modern dance in their training.

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