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Heinz Bosl Stiftung--Munich Ballet Academy

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The thing I know about it is that it is one of the few top notch professional ballet schools in Germany having a very high reputation and producing top notch dancers dancing in companies all around the world. Classical ballet is the main focus of the school but- typically european- they incorporate a lot of modern dance in their training.


I agree with shulie that the Bosl Stiftung has a very good reputation. Also it is true that more and more European Schools incorporate more classes other than ballet to produce more versatile dancer, though I don't think that three modern classes a week classify as 'a lot'. :( Nearly every major ballet company in Europe has also a modern dance repertoire. Schools are just adapting and responding to the market. Adding other forms of dance to the curriculum is for the purpose to enhance it :thumbsup:

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Perhaps the reputation for modern is because HBS dances contemporary pieces at its Matinees (held 4 times a year in the Bavarian State Opera House). For example in the last year, they danced a piece to Bach by choreographer Robert North. But they also performed Serge Lifar's Suite en Blanc.


The 46 students in the school are from 16 different countries, with only 4 students from Germany, so the student body is very international.

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Have you decided yet which school would be the best for your daughter? Good luck :-) and keep us informed

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