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Ronds De Jambe En L'air

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When practicing Ronds De Jambe En L'air, should the upper thigh of the working leg be held still, with just the lower leg and feet moving/tracing the imaginary circles?


Or can the upper thighs move slightly to help my lower leg move a little easier :wacko:


Oh dear my description is terrible, but if you can understand what I am trying to "say" please help me! :(

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I understand! :thumbsup:


The upper thigh should not move up and down or side to side at all when performing rond de jambe en l'air; however, in order to the foot to make those little ovals or D-shapes in the air, the thigh will have to rotate a bit each time. When I do rond de jambe en l'air, I think of turning out my leg a little more each time my foot goes around the "forward" part of the oval. Does that make sense?


I think rond de jambe en l'air is vastly easier to perform at 45º than 90º, but one thing it may help to keep in mind when doing them at 90º is that the working foot does not have to touch the supporting knee during each rond de jambe--the focus should really be on turning out and extending the leg.

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yup.. definitely no movement at all in the upper thigh. Only the knee and downwards.

Just keep the leg turned out, as if you want to keep showing your inner thigh to the audience, when doing the rond.

I find that when doing the rond en dedans, it's more difficult to keep the working leg turned out. I have to keep my knee sideways, inner thigh forward, hips square.


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aaahhh. that clears the air! and now comes the hard part - putting my new found knowledge into action! hahah!!


Thank you very much, Hans and Dancing_Dentist :thumbsup:

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