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Lately i have been getting corrected a lot on arabesque. I used to think my arabesque was pretty good but I guess I have kind of been "cheating" to get my leg up and not staying up enough on my supporting leg...like instead of keeping more of a straight line up through my supporting hip I have been letting it go. I know you have to let it go a little but I guess I am doing it too much :P another teacher has been saying "your're back" in relation to that and thats a little confusing. I can get my leg up high in arabesque and have a flexible back but maybe I should lower my leg to make sure it is always correct then work back up. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or ideas that would help me figure out how I can work on it. Thanks!!! :P


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First I think you need to talk to you teacher who is correcting your arabesque and be very sure that you understand exactly where she is trying to place you on your standing leg. It may or may not be necessary to lower the leg a bit, but whether it is or not, you must first be placed right on the supporting leg. And, you need to know how to move forward and upward in order to allow the back leg to lift behind you without caving in your lower back or displacing anything except the working hip, which needs to open slightly to allow the rotation to happen.

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thanks you Ms. Leigh. I will talk to my teachers soon...we are having end of summer conferences in the next few weeks so I will ask them about it then. :P


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