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Career Planning: Maximizing student chances

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Happy things worked out well!!!! Great news about the scholarship!!!!

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Okay, WOW. Congratulations to your DD Marigold!!! That's wonderful! What a decision to have to make..... :huepfen:

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Very inexperienced in this context, actually ... but it is nice to be able to have these decisions to think about with added incentives that are never anticipated. Acceleration speed on this journey: Tortoise. :wink:

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Similar question regarding careers. DD was at a SI program with a prepro school last summer and VERY challenged in the highest level at age 15. She felt she learned a lot and greatly improved. Did not feel that she got much attention from teachers. Was not one of few "asked to stay". This year received a full scholarship to same SI. Asked her teacher at home what that meant and she said you can never tell if they are interested or not while at an SI!? The auditioner was not one of the primary teachers for the girls, ( primarily taught the boys), but did do contemporary and pas w the girls. My dd is 16, a junior, and desires to dance ballet professionally. Should she measure the interest in her at this school/company by the teacher's response? Or scholarship offer? Is it possible to have a large disconnect? Thanks for your help!

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I think it's important not to take one teacher's comment and read too much into it. As far as significance, it may depend on the school/company as to how to interpret a scholarship. It could be that some use the summer observation time as more of an indicator than others. "The older the student, the more meaningful the scholarship" is what we have heard over the years, regarding any program. So, I would think that your dd's teacher should be very happy for her! It could be that she has just improved a lot in a year and has caught the school/company's eye now. As far as not being asked to stay after the past summer - you don't know how many spots there were to fill or who was taken. One year can make a huge difference. Congratulations!

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Thank you Marigold for the words of wisdom and congratulations. My daughter had received a 1/2 scholarship the previous year as well, and "felt" unnoticed. It confused her to get one again. And that is why her teacher said that sometimes you can't tell. My dd feels that perhaps there is a difference between the auditioner and the teachers. We feel, although they didn't show it while she was at the SI, that they must be interested in her as a dancer. Our inexperienced words and guidance to her is that they are interested, or they wouldn't offer a scholarship. And, I think that is what her teacher is saying as well. Thus, I am encouraging her through it all, even if there were or are lack of corrections/perceived interest. We are working hard to be a good cheerleader, but do not want to mislead. Also, as you said, it has been a year and she has improved over the year. Treading in unknown waters...looking for direction...

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I understand more what you are saying now and what your home teacher means. SI teachers will have different styles from what a student is used to at home and it could be for many reasons that your dd didn't feel she had enough attention. I would be sure you thought your dd and her home teacher felt she improved and that there was good general instruction going on, first. If so, I would think that an auditioner is going to be completely in tune with what the SI teachers would want and that, therefore, a scholarship is a thumbs up from the teachers, too. Some teachers might prefer to hold back verbal attention and speak to the class or others and observe how a student is able to listen and apply corrections to themselves from what they are hearing. Some might just have different styles of teaching or personalities. DD has always observed how different each teacher is at SIs and has come to realize they are individuals. Sometimes the ones who please least easily are going to be the ones a student ends up liking the most. Your dd, if she was very young and in the very top level of an SI program (wow!) might have felt she wanted some more affirmation as for why she was there, which would be very understandable! If she accepts the offer, this summer she might approach the teacher after class with a few questions and help the teacher get to know her. This is just my take on it from some wise words of others in the past. :happy:

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Thank you Marigold. That is helpful advice. I think your comment: "might have felt she wanted some more affirmation as for why she was there, which would be very understandable"...hit the proverbial "nail on the head". I think your advice will be fruitful for any SI or new classroom situation. DD needs to understand that the teacher(s) also don't know her, and that both are learning about each other. She is returning, and this will help to encourage and guide her. We are both growing and learning. : )

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