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I just took my first two ballet classes in five years! Very happy.


I'm going to have to get some tights and I've seen alot here about that. I'm hoping to find some that are cut to below the knee, kinda like mid calf length. If there is such a thing.


What kind of suggestions do you guys have?


Thanks a lot!

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I don't think there is such a thing, but what I do is cut a hole in the foot of my M Stevens tights and roll them up as high as I like. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I just bought a pari of MStevens that are footed. I kind of feel bad cutting them right now. Where in the foot did you cut the hole? When rolling it up doesn't the fabric get in the way?



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I cut the hole just under the ball of the foot/arch. My advice is to make the hole the smallest size you think you'll need--you can always enlarge it and the tights do stretch well and they don't run. I never found that the fabric got in the way when I rolled up the tights, although I find what works best is to just push them up instead of rolling and then tuck in the extra material from the foot of the tights.

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Thanks Hans! I'll try that. Glad to know the fabric doesn't run. The last thing I need is for my nice new tights to start falling apart on me! Thanks again. :dry:

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I have been looking for the "3/4" leg tights that I often see male dancers wear on different web pages, but can never seem to find them. Are these just tights that the dancer has cut off and sewn, or can they be purchased? I am struggling enough as an adult beginner in ballet, taking up sewing as well is asking too much!!!

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The tights you see might be marketed as woman's tights, that is sometimes the case. If you get some "woman's" footless tights on the heavier (opaque) end, and if you fit in the sizing chart, it can work well. If they're footless, the size is less critical, since they can be a little short and still work. I know that BARYSHNIKOV makes some decent footless tights that would likely fit what you're looking for and are pretty heavy and probably won't fall down. It all depends on how big you are.

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You could also be seeing dancers who've pulled footless tights up a bit just below the knee. I often do this with my M Stevens footless unitards. I'll pull the bottom of the tights up around the calve. It makes it look like a 3/4 tight.


Now that I think about it, I can't honestly say why I do it or where the idea came from. :(

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