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Auditions: DVD via Internet


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Any computer guru's on here that can tell DD/me :green: HOW to send her DVD "audition video" online??? (she has been attempting to attach it in a email)

She has tried twice with no sucess....AD IS interested...HELP PLEASE :wink:

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it can be hard to send a large video file via email. In the past I have hosted video files online, so instead of sending the file to the person I send the person to the file. If you want to do this via email I was just told the other day that Gmail offers 3 gigbytes of free space to its users, I havent checked this and am not familiar with their service. I use OurMedia a website that runs in tandem with the Internet Archive, this site lets anyone host any media file of any size for free. from there you can either include a link to the file in your email or embed it in a webpage.


hope that helps a little

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Giving myself a small pat on the back :yes:

Has taken 6 hrs but have managed to convert it from a dvd to a mpeg...but now the file is too big to send :shrug:

But like a dog with a bone...onwards I go! :P

(sorry just had to share)

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A bit :yes:: About Gmail -- that's a free email service offered by Google, and they give 2 gigabytes (not 3). However, in order to become a user, you need to be 'invited' - that is, someone who already is using Gmail sends you a special email 'inviting' you to use the service.

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I have alot of gmail of invites... so if you would like one just PM me your email address.


I think the best bet would be to upload it to a website and then send the link to the person who wants it.

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I had to reply to this one because of a personal pet peeve with those sending emails with very large file attachments :) :


Never embed or attach a large file to an email message (such as a video file) --- esp. if you're trying to make a positive impression on someone, such as the head of an SI program.


Besides your PC taking alot of time to upload the file to your email message, the recipient of your email (e.g. the SI program head), will take an equal or longer time --- depending on his/her Internet connection speed --- to download your email message. And, all this time during the email message download, it will tie up the recipient's email application and display the infamous & dreaded hourglass symbol, leaving the recipient to grumble about who would have the nerve to send him/her such a large email message! :angry: Also, some email servers will block large file attachments from coming through if they exceed a certain no. of Megabytes.


Like the previous poster mentioned, it's much better to use your personal website that's usually provided to you by your Internet Service Provider and upload the large file. (Most ISPs should provide enough allotted disk space to accomodate one or more video files, but check with your ISP Customer Service to verify.) Then, note the website address that points to your .WMV video file (or other video file format) that was uploaded, and include the address as a link in your email message for the recipient to click and view your video.

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OK, without having to give me "Business Communications" class, can someone tell me what to do with my video, now that I have a gmail account?

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Any computer guru's on here that can tell DD/me :wacko:  HOW to send her DVD "audition video" online??? (she has been attempting to attach it in a email)

She has tried twice with no sucess....AD IS interested...HELP PLEASE  :devil:


how big a video sample are you sending? regardless, trying to send it via Email is THE WORST OPTION. Even ifyou manage to get it OUT, it'll likely CHOKE the mailserver on their end and cause their sysadmin no end of hatred. Even if you're not talking a full 4.7GB, even something like 200M is pretty brutal.


If I were in this position i would either (a) fedex the DVD to them (:yucky: host the file on XDrive or YahooBriefcase, or © encode to XviD/DivX then host the much smaller file on XDrive.


Alternately, ask if they have an ftp server. If they do, then they can give you a login and you can use an ftp client to push the file to them.



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